Gait Analysis

So I owe you a few blog posts esp a marathon re-cap which I have started but have yet to finish… Therefore I will start this blog post with an apology of my laziness. Phew, glad that is out of the way. A week before my marathon I met with a running coach, Mike from

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Runnah Girl goes H.A.M. Week 1

So if for some reason you are unfamiliar with the musical stylings of Kanye West, he has this wicked catchy song (featuring Jay-z) called H.A.M. It is on many of my running mixes and it stands for Hard as A Motha-Fucka. It is something that KC and I (and his BFFL, Dev) use on the

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Snowy runs and Mindy Kaling

Hello! It’s Wednesday, you have made it halfway through the work week. Congrats! My Wednesday started off like most days. Alarm went off at 5:30 AM. I slept poorly listening to plows and cars getting stuck going up the hill of the driveway. But, I somehow managed to get my exhausted body out of bed

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