Week One- Not so fun

Last weekend, I bought a new agenda and filled out my marathon training plan. Yeah, I use an appointment book like a working mom out of the 80’s, what’s it to ya? I was pretty proud of myself. The Hal Higdon plan I am following is a 16 week plan so I am over a month ahead of schedule. Impressive right?

I have my shit together hahahaha

It would be if I had followed it- like at all. I started the week off strong with a rest day filled with yoga and an easy slow stroller walk. I got in two 3 milers too- early AM style. I was feeling like someone who has their life together. I was getting up early to run and shower before KC left for work. When Ellie and I would venture out into the daylight I had styled hair and jeans on. I was pwning motherhood and marathon training.

Then Halloween came. My schedule was a bit off. I drank perhaps a glass or 2 3 of wine and ate my weight in snickers and peanut M&Ms. When Thursday morning came, I just did not have it in me to get up early and run. Then Friday came, and I had just got my hair did. Color, highlights, cut- the whole shebang and I did not want to have to wash it, which I would if I ran so I skipped (again) with the promise to run Saturday.

That girl just gets it

I ended up working till midnight on Friday. Woke up to a fussy Ellie at 5 am and downpours. I just could not get motivated to go running. I was also terrified that I would fall. Long story short, over the last 8 weeks I have tripped during 2 runs causing myself some decent injuries. Both of these happened on important days when I had plans. This particular Saturday I was attending a wedding. A few of my friends urged me not to run, half joking but half serious. So I skipped it again SWEARING I would get up early on Sunday and do  9-10 miles.

Saturday was also Ellie’s first swim lesson. I could not miss the cuteness!

It should have been easy peasy, extra hour of sleep, tiny human was sleeping at Nana and Grampy’s, ideal running weather- how could I not?

Ugh. Sunday morning came. I was dehydrated from drinking and dancing the night before. I was ecstatic to have the living room to myself to watch Netflix. When KC rolled out of bed an hour later I essentially confessed that I just didn’t want to run and would much prefer to go out to breakfast just the 2 of us, to the spot we used to go when we first started dating. He of course was up for this, after we did some chores because that’s how he rolls.

Prob an under estimate…

We picked up Ellie who was happy to see us and show us all the toys she had been playing with at Nana and Grampy’s. She took a short nap in the car and then fell back asleep on me for 45 minutes when I carried her up. I also may have nodded off during this time… It was 3:00 PM. I had not run. I was drowsy, hungry and unmotivated. The thought of running 9 miles was daunting. So, I decided to set out for 5.


And I completed 5. They were not my fastest. They were not overly fun. My body was surprisingly tight for having so much rest. I was feeling frustrated with myself. I couldn’t stick to the plan in the FIRST week. This was a sign. My life is too chaotic, I shouldn’t be doing this. But, after some reflection and talking with KC I realized I need to be more flexible than I was last training cycle. My life is crazy and chaotic. I am going to have to roll with it and do my best to get the miles in when I can.

This hits too close to home.


Soooo this week my running schedule includes:

3 miler

3 miles pace

3 miler

9 miles

Cross Training



Rather than worrying about following the specific days… I am just going to try to get this all in. I also know that at the beginning of the week I am more motivated, cause I am less exhausted. So that might mean I run the first 3 days?

Do you follow a schedule to workout or just hope for the best as the week unfolds? Let me know!


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