Spring Running is my FAVE Running

Well and fall running…

I had the best run this morning! It was glorious! I felt like a Disney Princess with little birds and butterflies following me.

This was me this AM
This was me this AM

Due to the season shift, I can now run before work, since it is no longer dark and frozen at 6 AM (as it has been for the last 5 months).  This makes me BEYOND happy. I am a morning person, which you may find hard to believe since I complain about getting up at 5 AM on the regular. But truly, I prefer getting things done in the morning than in the evening.

This actually more accurate of me running this AM...
This actually more accurate of me running this AM

After work time  = Red wine+ yoga pants+ couch+ netflix. Running and working out would totally ruin that equation.

This is totally a workout, right?
This is totally a workout, right?

suit upSo, I got up at my normal time, leisurely had some coffee and snuggle time with Sadie. Then, I suited up for my run.

I have been plateauing at a 10./ 10.30 min mile pace during my runs, even on my short runs. This has been frustrating to me but I have been trying to be positive as I am trying to improve my mile time AND increase distance simultaneously. All the reading I have done has told me not to do this so I assume progress will be slow on both accounts.

Today, my run was just fabulous! I ran right around a 9.30/ mile pace. It was a short run, I did just about 3.2 miles in 28.29. I usually get my best “runner’s high” after long runs, but this successful short run was also very exhilarating.

Today... other days it makes me cry

I celebrated the end of the run with a bowl of Golden Grahams, the most delicious cereal ever, and more coffee.

Working out in the morning is my favorite! Not only does it get your metabolism going so that you burn more fat and also calories throughout your day and help you to have a better night’s sleep; it also makes might make you more mindful about overeating during the day. Why ruin your morning efforts, amirite? Personally, I am also more productive at work after a good workout. I am wide awake and I already feel accomplished so why not keep it going?

Obviously, any workout is better than no workout. If you cannot get to the gym in the morning or do not have time in the morning an evening workout is awesome! Consistency is what really matters, do what works well for you. I have friends who have told me that they are better runners in the afternoon/ evening due to feeling more alert and having the time to fuel properly throughout the day.


When do you work out?


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2 responses to “Spring Running is my FAVE Running

  1. During the work week I absolutely cannot wake up early enough to hit the gym. I commend you for your ability to do this!! I would have to get up before 5 and anything before 6 makes me the angriest person in the world, haha. Usually I go after work a few days and my rest days are usually week days for me. On the weekend I will go mid to late AM so I can spend the rest of the day as I please. My ideal gym time is ~9:30 AM, but work is all like “yeahhh we’re going to need you to be here”… jerks. 😉

    1. haha such jerks, wanting you to be at your job. Don’t they know you’ve got things to do?!? I agree, mid morning is the BEST time to work out. When I am off on Fridays I usually am heading out for my long run right around 10 AM. I am impressed you go after work multiple days! When my work day is over I am all about headed straight home.

      PS I am usually quite angry for the first 15-20 minutes I am awake but then is gets better 🙂

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