Runnah Girl goes H.A.M. Week 3

day 15Monday. 4 miler and Yoga- My brilliant husband had the idea that I do my “long” week day run on my day off from work which is typically Monday. So I woke up at 6:30 AM. Had a nice leisurely morning of coffee and steal oats which are fucking disgusting before setting off for my 4 mile run. It was almost 30 degrees out which is warm compared to how it has been for my long runs, so I was almost dressed too warmly. I was VERY happy with my pace coming in under 10 min/ mile. I definitely pushed myself a lot during mile 4 and I am happy that my time demonstrated that. It really was a great run! I had 15 minutes to change into yoga clothes, pack my car with my work stuff as well as shower stuff for the gym to get to my 10:15 yoga class. I made it on time! My hip popped really loud during triangle pose and it felt AMAZING after. I let out an audible sigh and the woman next to me moved further away from me. I went to shower, when I realized I forgot a towel because I am an idiot. So I decided just to pack up and shower at home over spending $3.00 for a tiny shitty towel. I made it to work 40 minutes after I had hoped; but it is my day off so whatever.
day 16Tuesday. 3 miler- I went to bed excited for my 3 miler since my 4 miler went so well. But I awoke less than excited. I was feeling a bit stiff and sore. I slowly got up and ready. I ran negative splits- a new running term I just learned, meaning each mile was quicker than the previous mile. My average pace was 10.17, which is ok. My average pace for my 4 miler was under 10 so I was slightly disappointed. I did not stretch and opted for icing and elevating for 10 minutes. I had a long day at work so I came prepared with lots of snacks including a protein shake. I was still hangry when I got home an snapped at KC since dinner was not ready. Kind of like I was a husband from the 50’s. But since I am not a husband from the 50’s I cooked us zoodles with ground turkey while stuffing my face with a salad. I was still hungry and ate a shameful amount of skinny pop  popcorn before forcing myself to bed.

strength training megWednesday. Cross training- I did not go into work today to handle some personal stuff, so I slept to 6:30 AM like a college student. Right? That’s when normal people get up and not 5 AM? I was slow to get out of bed and get moving. Eventually I managed to walk Sadie and get to the gym for strength training. I did my typical routine with some knee pain in my left knee and TBH, my left ankle is a bit sore too. I came home and stretched and made a shake. I was hungry alllllll day. It makes me think back to when I was a playing field hockey in high school. After double sessions I just could not eat enough, that is me today. I ate 9 sushi rolls for lunch with a glass of red wine. Came home drank tons of water because I was still really hungry. At 6:30 I made a massive taco with all the works and was still hungry. I spent the rest of my night walking to the cabinet to get 1 peanut m&m, thinking that walking to get it would burn like 1/8 of the calories in the m&m. I did lots of stretching and foam rolling to end my night. Thinking tomorrow will be my rest day to give my knee a break!

restThursday. Rest Day. I decided to make Thursday my rest day as my knee was sore and I had a 12 hour work day. I did manage to take couple walks through out the day and some desk yoga. I stayed well within my calorie goal but had a glass of wine to end my night because my day, week, month at work had been stressful. I was proud that I only had one glass of wine. My plan was to not run in the morning but at work on Friday since I got home from work around 9:30 PM and I had to be back at work at 8 AM.

Friday. Unexpected Rest day. Friday turned into a crazy ass day at work. SO CRAZY and long. And awful. I was unable to sneak away for a run. I drowned my sorrows in taco pizza and all the wine. I even had a martini. I ended staying up very late hydrating and watching Downton Abby I had DVR-ed. You know getting craaaazy.

5 milerSaturday. 5 miler. I awoke at 5:30 AM with crazy drive mouth and slight headache due to my shenanigans the night before. I drank half a coconut water juice box, popped a tylenol and went back to sleep till 8 AM. I had a slow morning made a smoothie with coconut water, 1/2 banana and a handful of strawberries. I cleaned up the apartment and set off for my run around 10:30 AM. It was beautiful out! In the low 40’s. I felt really good on my run and was happy to see my first mile come in 9.12. Happy doesn’t describe it, I was shocked. My middle miles were a bit more slow, but I was running a route that was still  a bit icy and those miles were particularly icy. I was STOKED when my run was done. I was in the best mood! My split average was under 10 min/ mile which  have been struggling on for 3 milers so I was just so happy! I was in an awesome mood the rest of the day. My sister in law was coming to visit which was the perfect excuse to have today to be my over calorie day! I ate and drank all of the things in celebration. Nachos on nachos on nachos. Margaritas, wine and fancy martinis. I think the fact that I had 2 days off played a huge role in the success of this run, and I will definitely keep that in mind as my training ramps up. I am surprised that my run was so successful considering I drank so much on Friday night. I wont make that a habit… but good to know if I go to H.A.M. the night before a run I can still get it together for an awesome run!

cross trainSunday. Cross-training. After a delightful brunch of a kale fritata with feta, I headed to the gym. I did 3 miles on the elliptical followed by strength training. I had a work thing come up right before I headed to the gym that set me off and made me all stressed. The workout was a good distraction, but when I got home I was still in a shitty mood. We set out to the Cheesecake Factory for a B-day celebration. I had a lot of calories left, but still needed to order off the skinnylicious menu. Saying the words skinnylicious was humiliating. It goes against everything I believe in. But, the chicken enchiladas were delicious and I did not feel deprived. And because I ordered off the skinnylicious menu I was able to get wine, have 2 slices of bread and some of my buddy’s cheesecake #WINNING


3 weeks in the books! KC says I look slimmer which he always tentatively says; as if by saying I look slimmer implies I was disgusting before. I reassured him that I will NEVER be offended by him complimenting me on my slimming out. I have been  conditioned for years to thrive off of people giving me praise on getting smaller, and I do not think that will ever change. I think I may weigh myself on Thursday before yoga, as I weighed myself 4 weeks ago and I am interested to see if there has been a change, Probably because I am a glutton for punishment. We’ll see how I feel on Thursday though!




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