How Meg Got Her Groove Back

I feel like I am too young for that reference, but I do remember seeing ads for this movie as well as it being referenced in Friends, so it shall stay.

Last week was a bit rough, mentally. I am not sure if it is just winter getting to me or the fact that I cannot seem to get the scale to budge but I was quite the Debbie Downer last week.
This week I am feeling fierce and fabulous! (I am pretty sure no one says either of those anymore but since the title is from a 90’s rom-com I think referencing Tyra and the gals of Sex and the City makes plenty of sense).

I am back in a good running/ workout routine. I am working out 5-6 days/ week and barely dreading it! I am still “out of shape” for myself after my long winter of eating and netflixing with the BF. But, I am getting there! I am looking at this as I am an athlete and I am in training vs. I am a fat ass exercising. I literally tell myself that as I run. Mantras are corny, I am the first to admit it. But they work.

These are a few mantras/ sayings that I use whilst running:
“You’re an athlete; strong, powerful and tough”
“Prove them wrong” (there is no real them, but it makes me feel badass. I read that somewhere at some point, maybe from Nike?)
“Just DO it!” (Thanks again, Nike)
“1 more mile and you can walk!” (and usually when I get there I no longer have the urge, and if I do I will take a brief walk break and sip on some water.)

I still weigh the same as I did 2 weeks ago, and ya know what, that is fine. I can feel myself getting stronger and leaner- though I am FAR from lean. The BF said that he could feel like I was getting firmer when he was giving me a back rub the other night. (I really do live a charmed life!) Change takes time and the logical part of me is well aware of that. The emotional part of me would like to make a deal with the devil to promise to keep this regime up to be skinny now. If anyone has his (or her) contact info please do fwd it along.

Progress not perfection is something that I used to tell my therapy clients when they were trying to reduce self-harming behaviors. Now it is something I tell myself as I continue on this weight loss/ getting fit journey. I also am always telling myself “Everything in moderation” (Except for coffee, red wine and seltzer water, those I want all of.)

I have made progress and in a short amount of time. I am running a little bit faster, I am squatting with more weight, I am being more consistent in my work outs and I am even eating relatively well without feeling deprived.

Historically, my issue has been I will get to this place where I am now and I will self sabotage. Typically by taking a day off and going crazy and that day becomes a weekend and that weekend becomes… 4 months… I think by not depriving myself, by allowing myself to have all the foods I love I will not repeat this cycle this time. The other self-sabotage move I am notorious for, is when I plateau like this (I am working out, eating well etc and not losing weight) I will just say “Fuck it, nothing works, might as well eat all the bacon”

fo realz
fo realz

I am hoping that now that I am older (and wiser?) that I have adjusted my attitude (Food is fuel and it is also DELICIOUS) that I will make slow and steady progress. I put on the weight slowly (well I did gain 17 lbs since meeting KC… THANKS, KC!) so it should come off slowly even though I wish it was already gone.

Spring is in the air and I am feeling positive!

How are you feeling this month?


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