8 Mile

Today was my longest run of 2014, and I did not die! #Win

I prepared for my race as any Olympian would. The night prior I went out to eat with the BF where I consumed 2 pieces of bread, garden salad with avocado dressing, steak wrapped in bacon, a loaded baked potato and 3 glasses of wine (1 before, 1 at dinner, 1 after dinner- I did not spend $30 drinking wine out).

The "Long Pour" is where it's at
The “Long Pour” is where it’s at

I woke up feeling like a million bucks thanks to chugging coconut water prior to bed. I spent the morning cuddling with Sadie and watching netflix before gearing up for my run. I had the best smoothie, eva eva prior to my run to give me the fuel I needed but not weigh me down. Oh, and 3 cups of coffee, cause that’s how I roll.

Awww! How could I not cuddle?
Awww! How could I not cuddle?

It was actually sunny and not freezing out so I wore shorts and a long-sleeved running shirt which was glorious. My legs are a cute day-glo white after spending the winter hidden in jeggings and tights.

My first mile was 11 min, nice warm up. I did the next 3 miles right around 10 min mile pace (which is my goal pace for the half marathon in August). Miles 5-6 got a little dicey. Mile 5 had a huge hill/elevation where my paced dropped to 11.30.  The run in total took me an hour and 23 minutes and I burned over 860 calories.

The calorie deficit totally justified in me eating a protein packed lunch. I made a vegetarian (because of lent) southwestern omelette. omelette cooking

I like my eggs crispy, which I feel like is not a thing, but regardless, my omelette was quite well done, in multiple ways, AYO!

nom nom nom
nom nom nom

I then spent many hours laying on the couch watching Entourage and eating warmed up peanut butter with sugar free whipped cream on top. I finally mustered the energy to shower. This was a good call because a couple of KC’s friends decided to come up for a visit.

We ended up going out to eat (again) since we had company and no one wanted any of my meatless dinner options (bagel pizzas? no?). I ate so many nachos, and a fried fish sandwich with sweet potato fries. I def ate back my calories but I am ok with that for today. I had a pretty successful run and rewarded myself with a delightful fat kid meal. I cannot do this after every run or what is the point of running all those miles?

How do you reward yourself after a good work? Is it food based or something else?


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