5:30 AM Strength Training

Well, it’s been a rough summer as far as working out goes. I did not completely fall off or anything, but rather than doing strength training 2-3x per week I have been doing it 1 maybe 2 times. Rather than running 4-5x per week, I have been lucky to get in 3 runs.

My MO this summer...
My MO this summer…

This week, I have started out pretty strong: Monday- 3 miler, Tuesday- 3 miler, Wednesday- Strength Training.

I was able to get my ass to the gym by promising myself I could get an iced coffee once it was over. Nothing like rewarding yourself for working out! BTWs, coffee does not count as a food reward when skim milk is involved.

I also made a new abbreviated strength training routine to get my whole workout done in 45 minutes or less! Rather than resting between sets, it is broken up into segments where you complete 1 set, move on to  a different muscle group (or 2), then repeat. Read below:

Strength Training in 45 Min

-5 min warm-up on treadmill (1 min walk at 3.2 RPM, 1 min RUN at at least a 6.0 RPM; alternate)

Free Weights

– 3 sets of 12 Dead Lifts, 5 Rows on the 13th Dead Lift (I use 35 Lbs)

(Without taking a break, go into a clean & press, put bar on the meaty part of your shoulders to prepare for squats at the end of each set of Dead Lift Row)

-3 sets of 15 Squats, 5 bottom half squats (I use 35 lbs)

Rest: Brief-Get water, Change weights

-3 sets of 12 Bicep Curls (I use 25 lbs)

(Rather than resting between sets, do 1 set bicep curl, 1 set bench press, 1 set skull crushers, 1 set tricep extension)

– 3 sets of 15 Bench Presses (I use 25 lbs)

– 3 sets of 10 Skull Crushers (I use 25 lbs)

– 3 sets of 12 Tricep Extensions (I use 15 lbs)

(Rest: Re-rack weights, get water)

Nautilus Equipment

3 sets of 15 Leg Press (I use 105 lbs)

3 sets of 12 Lateral Pull (I use 35 lbs)

3 sets of 12 Rowing (I use 40 lbs)

3 sets of 12 Chest Press (I use 25-30 lbs, alternating)

(Again, as long as the gym is not too busy, I complete one set at each machine, and move to the next to save time)

Floor Exercises

Plank (45 seconds hold, then move right leg out two steps while staying in plank, do the same with the left leg)

Side plank (45 seconds each side)

10 Push Ups

Fire Hydrant
Fire Hydrant

15 Fire Hydrants (each side)




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