3 Pregnant Miles

I woke up on Monday with the determination to be less of a garbage person. I am going to be a mother in 4 months FFS I should prob get a handle on  this whole adulting thing.

My day started with a coffee date with a friend who I had not seen in far too long and her daughter. I made them meet me wicked early in the morning so I could go to yoga. We chatted, drank lattes and fed ducks. It was a good start to a Monday!

From there I headed to my fave yoga class . I love the instructor. She will make comments in class when everyone is struggling to balance or groaning through an ab workout “smile guys, it’s just a little yoga”.  I was sitting on the bench watching the body pump class wrap up when I saw a little sign that said yoga was cancelled INDEFINITELY. Dafuq?! I take 2 Mondays off an now the class is over? After a little research I found out the instructor no longer works there and they are looking for a new teacher.


I was disappointed. I couldn’t hop on a treadmill because I wore slippers as I do on yoga days. So, I decided I would go for a run in the outdoors…

It is almost  comical what a big deal this felt like for me. This time a year ago, I was in the middle of marathon training where I was racking up 50 miles per week. Now I was checking in with KC about a quick little run. KC, the ever supportive husband who must ask himself weekly “why did I marry this crazy girl?” suggested that I just do a mile run since it had been quite a few months since I had run outside. I agreed with the intention to run 2 miles because I am a pain in the ass. I laced up, changed my shirt 3x since all of my shirts right now make me look fat and not pregnant and hit the pavement with Jim Gaffigan’s book “Food: a Love Story”.

why yes, Jim, I have!

I did not use a running app. I really did not want to push myself or know how fucking slow I am. I just ran an old and familiar route. I got to where I would turn around for 2 miles out and back but felt great! The sun was shining., Jim Gaffigan was slaying. I decided I would do 3 miles but promised myself not to push it.

It was a slow run. It took me about 33 minutes to run the 3 miles. Typically it would take me 27-28 minutes  on an average day. Still, it was a good run. My sore back felt relief. My legs felt strong. I focused on my form on and off. I finished the run and felt good, proud; the way I had pictured pregnancy feeling all the time.

It’s a talent.

I went home and stretched out really well before conquering some house chores and work. I really felt unstoppable. It made me realize how much I missed running for the mental release and not just for the physical improvement. Running has always been something that gave me pride. Something that I do that not everyone can or would do. Pregnancy has really brought a lot of things up that I can no longer do. I put running in the “Can’t” category because there are some days that I really cannot run. And, I really cannot run as well as I had been prior to getting knocked up. Because of that- I put running on the same list as raw sushi, heavy lifting, alcohol and hot tubs. But, running does not really belong there.

No sushi is hard enough guess I’ll have to keep running.

So, I am making it my goal to run at least once per week for as long as it is comfortable. I think my mind needs it and I know my body will appreciate it!


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