Strength Training Day with a Side of Pinot Noir

Up and ready to go at 5 AM. I got plenty of sleep since I went to bed at 8:45 PM… I am no stranger to early bed times but I went to bed particularly early to avoid late night eating/ eating peanut butter and whipped cream like the classy broad I am.

Don't hate...
Don’t hate…

Gym was packed once again! WTF? I am used to having the place to myself.

5 min warm up- alternating between walking and running at 1 min intervals. Then my strength training routine.

I got to work just before 7 AM, coffee in hand. I knew today would be a long day. … And it was! Thank goodness I worked out in the AM because I definitely would not have. A nice 11 hour day . I consumed nothing but coffee and half of the most delicious almond croissant I have ever tasted. I arrived home hangry and dehydrated.

water memeIt’s funny, because if a friend told me they had no time to eat/ have water at their job I would tell them they were making excuses. Today, I legit feel like I just did not have the time, and when I did have a few minutes I made some questionable decisions. I could have had my strawberries or protein bar instead of the croissant. I could have had water instead of the second coffee. But I didn’t.

hangryKC decided to take me out to dinner after I snapped at him about his lack of culinary skills. I am truly a different person when I am hangry…

After a glass of wine, a pulled pork sandwich, steak fries and a few rolls I felt like myself again. After an additional glass of wine at home, I felt better than myself. After my second episode of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, I began questioning life decisions.

red wine meme

Tomorrow the plan is for a 5 mile run, maybe 6? And a mani/ pedi for myself and Sadie. That pooch is so pampered, she has nooo idea!


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