Running in the Morning

KC’s alarm went off at 5AM- per usual. Sadie had been whining at the door for 30 minutes before that- per usual. I went back to sleep for another hour- per usual. I have been having the hardest time getting up in the morning. It is no longer dark, nor freezing. Yet I have no will to get up let alone exercise.

Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!

KC came to kiss me goodbye as I rolled around in bed with Sadie, who was annoyed I kept moving. I asked KC if he thought I should run. Typically, he would respond “Only if you feel like it” or “You deserve a day off”. Ya know, something diplomatic and supportive. Today he stated “Maybe you should get up and see how you feel…”

KC was right. If I stay in bed, I stay tired. But once I get out of bed and get moving (have copious amounts of coffee) I typically feel human and non-zombie like. I got out of bed, did some dishes, drank a half a pot of coffee, took Sadie for a walk and went for a 3 miler.

Way better than vertical running
Way better than vertical running

I was stoked when I did the first mile in 9.07! This is the fastest I have run all year. The second mile came in slow as I had paused to take pictures, but did not pause my application. I also managed to get half a dozen mosquito bites during this time which matched my eczema quite nicely. I finished the three miles in 28.29 but I think it was more accurately 27.29 due to my pausing, but whatever…

Work wife and I managed to sneak out and enjoy the wonderful weather for a little but as well as some delicious tacos. Lunch outside of the office makes for a much more enjoyable day.

Tomorrow the plan is to do a 6-miler and it looks as though the weather will cooperate, though the rest of the weekend looks TERRIBLE.

Did you get a chance to enjoy today’s beautiful weather?


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