Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M. Week 5

Day 29Monday. 5 Miler- It was wicked cold this AM. Snow was moving in this afternoon, so I knew I could not dilly dally too much this AM. I slept to about 7 AM. I ate allllll the things last night because it was Super Bowl Sunday and I was sad to watch the Broncos win and eating pizza and drinking wine are my top 2 coping mechanisms. I woke up a bit groggy but hydrated and coffee-d up. I listened to 2 podcasts while I ran. One called the Moth and this episode was about a 30-something year old virgin who waxes genitals for a living. It was quite interesting. I also listened to a true crime story about Bob Durst. I always want to call him Fred Durst, but it is is Robert unless you are the DA of New York and you call him Bobby Durst like they’re BFFLs. I am really digging listening to something other than music! My 9.36 splits would suggest that it is not impairing my time. After my run I stretched, did housework and rested. I have been wicked tired lately but only sleeping so-so. I ate a lot again today. I mean, a lot is relative. I ate more than I would like to have, but less than I would have pre- tracking calories on MyFitnessPal.

Day 30Tuesday. 3.1 Miler- So yeah, it def snowed. My run was quite slick. The roads were greasy on some spots, but the side of the road where I run was caked with snow, slush and ice. My time was effected drastically averaging just under 11 minutes per mile. I am not upset about this because hey at least I ran and I also did not get injured. After the run I briefly stretched and had a shake. KC and I went off to the polls to vote together because we are adorbz. And even though we may differ in our political views I am glad KC voted. KC is probably the most informed voter ever. He usually cannot vote since he works at all hours cover the election. It was really nice to share him voting in his first NH Primary. KC will be working wicked late tonight so I am on my own after work to walk Sadie, eat dinner, etc. Pre-marathon-training-Meg would use this as an excuse to order pizza (to be fair it is National Pizza Day) and drink wine. But Marathon-Training-Meg is planning to use this as a chance to get in at home strength training session well watching Pretty Little Liars.

day 31Wednesday. 3 Miler- I stayed up late on Tuesday watching the primary results because i am a semi-well informed American. KC was came home wicked late for work cause he is important. So I slept poorly. I feel like I need this back story because my run was truly  not great. I ran 3.1 miles in 31.22, averaging 10.05 per mile. I am not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the fact that I have run 4 of the last 5 days, with a strength training workout on my “off” day. But I was quite disappointed with the time. Then I spilled my shakeology and now have what looks like a shit stain on my living room carpet. My day turned around, I got a lovely massage after work which was quite relaxing. KC and I then went to target where he purchased me a fancy apple watch! I am so excited that I will have this for training! Then we grabbed tacos and margs. I was exhausted when we got home around 9 PM and went to bed. I know I am only 1/3 of the way into the training but my body is definitely feeling tired.

vday giftsThursday. Cross-Training- Even though today is non running day, I still have to get up hella early for work. Super annoying as I would love some extra sleep. I spent the morning trying to figure out how to work my apple watch. Poor KC. He will have to help me figure out every step of the way of this new technology. The applewatch has really cool health features. It will alert me to get up if I am just sitting for an hour to get up. I am really excited! After a 10 and a half hour work day I had a nice strength training session followed by yoga. We did a lot of lower body in yoga including squats and lunges. KC surprised me with a white rose, wine and PB m&ms. We had said no gifts but I was happy to come home to this. KC said he would get me one white rose for each married V-Day. This guys will be in trouble in 2066. I unwound with a glass of red and all the tacos.

10 milerFriday. 10 Miler- I did not set an alarm cause I really did want sleep. Somehow I awoke before 7 AM and was greeted by -17 windchill. I stretched, drank coffee, did arm circles, had a smoothie and geared up. I started my run a little after 9AM. It was quite cold and windy. My first few miles were 10 min splits, but somewhere around mile 5, I was running over 11 min mile splits. My slowest was 11.30. I was really disappointed during my run thinking if I can’t even run 10 miles at 10 min splits how would I run a whole marathon at a 10-10.30 pace? I realize it won’t be below zero on the day of the marathon and my legs wont be sore from yoga and strength training I was really happy when it was over,  and a little disappointed in myself. I stretched, iced and foam rolled before taking a less than hot shower which was also disappointing. KC and I left on our journey to the casino. I wore my sexy compression socks and boots. I ate a lot. Buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and a blackberry martini for lunch. For dinner I had a cheeseburger, skipped the fries and drank #allthewine. KC and I gambled until like 3 AM. We left the casino in the positive and headed back to our sketchy hotel for some sleep.

kc meg casino fridaySaturday. Cross-Training- I slept really shitty despite being exhausted and taking a melatonin. KC slept slightly better than I but not great either. It was definitely loud at the sketchy motel. We rolled out of bed on the search for a 6 pack of water, breakfast sandwiches and coffee for me. We ended up in a cute college town and I got a pretty epic breakfast of egg tacos. KC and I headed over to the casino and walked around a lot. I am calling this my cross training as I got in well over 10,000 steps. We split a chicken tenders app for lunch but ordered our own cocktails cause that’s how I roll. We ended up breaking even on black jack tables before heading back to the hotel to change and drop off the car. KC and I are so New Hampshire despite being from Mass. This would be our second experience using Uber and we were pumped we could both have cocktails and still be responsible adults. We had reservations at Todd English’s Tuscany. It was AMAZING! We split a bottle of red wine, burratta (delicious cheese stuffed bread) and each ordered a pasta based entree. SO MUCH FOOD! We and by we I mean KC ended up having to carry the leftovers all over the casino the rest of the night. We played blackjack for a little bit longer. It was not going great, so we stopped so we would leave winners. We celebrated with some drinks at a bar. We left close to 1 AM which was much better than the previous night! I slept much better night two.

meg kc saturdaySunday. Rest- We slept in to almost 9 AM, which was much needed. The morning was slow moving. The shower water never got quite warm enough and it was below 0 again so this was quite disappointing. I was excited to head home as I missed Sadie cause I am a weird puppy parent. KC was on a mission to find me coffee. We learned that Connecticut is not quite as coffee obsessed as Massachusetts as it took a long while to find coffee, but we did get there. We headed north, and stopped in Worcester for lunch at a BBQ place as that was about the halfway point. We ordered the most delicious sandwiches ever! It was called everything but the kitchen sink and had brisket, pulled chicken, pulled pork, bacon and cheddar cheese. It was  DELIGHTFUL. I washed it down with 2 beers. I left more than half the fries but managed to eat the full sandwich. I nodded off the rest of the car ride but perked up as we got closer to getting Sadie. She was SO stoked to see us. It was Valentine’s Day, so KC and I did what all couples do and watched true crime shows on Investigation Discovery. We eventually ordered a pizza and put on what was supposed to be a romantic film, but it ended up just making me depressed so after we watched the Mindy Project. Our weekend getaway was our Valentine’s day/ Christmas present so we kept Valentine’s day pretty mellow, which was great way with me. I find it hard to believe this is our fourth Valentine’s Day. We exchanged cards- we both got ones that said “husband” and “wife” as I think we are both equally excited to be having a married V-Day.

This week was crazy long at work. I was really good about my workouts and eating this week. This weekend I ate what I wanted and drank copiously. Even though I ate a lot I am happy because I did not go too crazy. Like I didn’t eat the chips with my burger Friday night. I didn’t finish my meal on Saturday, I didn’t eat all my fries on Sunday, I had a small amount of pizza on Sunday night… Usually if I am eating what I want I’ll go cray cray and eat is alllllllll. I indulged without bingeing.

It was nice spending quality time with KC. He has been SO busy with work. I have been busy with work and focusing a lot on my running. It was nice to have a weekend just the two of us. We didn’t worry about calories, money, sleep- we just had fun. KC and I always have fun together. I feel very fortunate about that. Seeing other dudes at the casino avoiding their significant others or couples arguing at the blackjack table made me realize how lucky I am.




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