Road Bumps and Lady Lumps

Why hello, how are you on this snowy Monday?

coffee because monday

I am doing well, the Patriots won the Super Bowl and I am working from home, so life could be worse.

Thanks for clarifying! #TB12
Thanks for clarifying! #TB12

I could be better. Snow has prevented me from running outside and getting to the gym as frequently as I would like. Snow has also given me the excuse to drink an inordinate amount of red wine… Baileys… and  to eat pounds of cheese. You know, the usual.

well rounded

Today starts the beginning of a new challenge group. Reading other challengers goals of scheduling their workouts, drinking more water,  watching sodium intake… I started thinking of what I really need to work on. And this challenge I am going to go back to watching my alcohol intake. I am going to take it one step further and have it be a goal to not drink at all (except fro Valentine’s day… I will be having wine on V-Day…) during this 21 day challenge.

diet plan

I also REALLY need to up my running. My race is coming up real quick.  As I look out my snowy window I realize I am going to need to log in some time on the treadmill, which I hate. But it is necessary. I have resolved that I am not going to PR during this half marathon, and that’s fine. One of my pals from the challenger groups is running a halfie this April in my hometown so I am setting my sights on PRing during that race. (Sorry, KC, I know I promised I wouldn’t worry about times this year, but I lied….)


In addition to  reducing my alcohol intake and  increasing my running, I also want to work on my core. I hate my stomach. It’s not a matter of insecurity, it a deep, fiery, hate. I hate how my muffin top spills over jeans, yet the jeans are loose in my legs, thighs and ass area. I hate that people ask me when my baby is due. I hate that when it is 100 degrees out I cannot wear a sports bra sans shirt for a run. I realize flat abs are not in my genetic make-up nor is it in my grasps when looking at my food choices. I love carbs as much as I hate my stomach. I have resigned to the fact that I will never have a flat stomach, but I think I could reduce the amount of lady lumps I have in that particular region of my body.

Seems legit, right? Why cut calories when you can up exercise?
Seems legit, right? Why cut calories when you can up exercise?

So those are my goals for the month of February, what are yours?


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