Puppy Problems and Rest Day Guilt

My day started like every day. My alarm goes off at 5AM, I turn over to KC and tell him to wake me later, he reminds me of my ambitions to get to work on time (7AM) and that I need to shower. I begrudgingly get up, shower, and slowly get ready while drinking coffee… I have a meeting tonight so I put extra effort into my makeup and picked out a cute dress to wear.

-2 degrees according to my car thermometer. Prob should have worn pants. At least to walk Sadie. But I am a pretty hardcore New England girl and just slipped on my boots over my tights and headed out for our morning walk. I usually let her off leash in a little wooded area despite numerous signs asking me not to. Sadie truly prefers privacy to poop, she is such a lady in that way. I let her off and she seemed to mean business, she hates this weather more than I do. But the business she was after was eating frozen poop. Now, if you do not own a dog or if you own a little prissy dog this may be disgusting to you. This no longer disgusts me but just annoys me on a deep level.

Two of my neighbors step out to have a cigarette just as I am losing control of this whole morning walk situation. Sadie is quite friendly, but looks pretty fierce being a pit bull and all. So I know I should get her on leash sooner rather than later. My neighbors can see me, but not her and are looking at me like I am a crazy, moron standing on top of snow bank, gazing into the wood and talking to myself. I call to her in my most firm voice “Sadie, leave it!” She looks at me and continues to chomp away. I call her to come to me, she starts eating faster knowing her time is up. This causes me to go into the woods, in my mint green dress, tights and boots to retrieve her.

Is it Spring yet?!?
Is it Spring yet?!?

Usually, she is a good listener but this winter seems to be wearing on her. She panics as I approach to clip her as she still needs to do her business. She moves to do so and it must hit her then how cold her feet are as she struggles to circle. Business is completed, I clip her to the leash and she is unable to walk. This causes me to carry the darling up the snowy hill, much to the delight of my neighbors who were having their morning cigarettes…

Ruff morning! (Get it?)

Today is my rest day, which I am having trouble coping with. 3 weeks ago I was exercising (maybe) 1-2 times a week and struggling to get to the gym those days. Now that I have recommitted to a program and races I feel like I cannot take a rest day. I have done a decent amount of research on the importance of rest days. Muscles need to recover, I get it. My muscles are sore, my knee is slightly bothering me (this is how I know I am getting old and need new sneakers). I have def kicked up my training these past couple of weeks. Tomorrow I have a 5 miler (hoping at 11 min mile pace) and plan to do an upper body work out. I should rest, so that I can do these things tomorrow.

I am not sure where this guilt and anxiety stems from. I suppose I cannot blame Catholicism again. I think I fear if I take one day off, I will just take off the rest of them. Like there is no pause only stop.

Do you have rest day anxiety? Or do you embrace it?

I have yet another long work day and won’t be leaving this place until after 7PM. I think part of my stress is knowing I won’t be taking a break from my desk to go and pound the pavement. Thinking I will take a trip to Target instead to take a break.

Thursday Food:
Breakfast: 3-4 cups of coffee with skim milk and a Luna Bar
Elvensies/ second breakfast- Sausage egg and cheese on an English muffin courtesy of the one and only Lauren McGinley (oh and another coffee… with cream and sugar)
Lunch: Whole wheat tortilla, shredded cheese, ground turkey, scallions, cilantro, peppers, onions and avocados
Dinner: Soooo many appetizers thanks to an awesome Girl’s Night!

Hydrating has been challenging today. I am out of my preferred flavor of seltzer water. Picked up an Irish Coffee flavor as I love coffee and am Irish. Have not decided if I like it yet. My friend’s 5 year old pointed out I should just drink it and stop asking myself if I like it. I had no idea I could annoy a 5 year old with my indeciveness.

I also managed to completely miss a stair leaving the office resulting in a bruised hip and a bruised ego. The Christian pro-life picketers across the street did not seem to care, though they def did notice. Maybe I should have yelled “I’m Pregnant!” (I’m not, don’t worry KC) and then maybe they would have cared. Prob not.


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