Meal Prep Sundays

KC and I have been so busy with family and friend stuff which is great, because I hear when baby girl arrives we will not have as much time to do be social. Though ¬†part of me is excited to have an excuse to get out of being social…

I am purely in it for the perks

But this past Sunday, KC and I had the day to ourselves to get shit done and it was truly magical! We went to the gym together, but of course did our own thing. I did a body flow class where a stink bug was literally crawling on me during savasana… While KC ran on the treadmill and did some stretching.

x 1,000,000,000 when a bug is on me and I have to play it cool

Then we we went grocery shopping with a meal plan!! I cannot remember the last time we did this. Between nausea in the first trimester, stomach bugs and heartburn our eating habits can only be compared to a child who is home alone unsupervised for the weekend. We have mainly been eating carbs (my faves have been cheese filled garlic bread and pretzels). But I have also been feeling more tired and kind of gross. I decided I needed to make some healthy changes for me as well as for spawn who is probably getting dumber by the moment with the amount of complex carbs I have eaten.

My husband, the amazing man he is looked up a recipe for an anti-heartburn shake that I could have for breakfast to get my day started off right. I also looked up a healthy blueberry muffin recipe as I have been mainly eating those for breakfast and despite there being blueberries in the muffins, they’re actually quite unhealthy! Who would’ve thunk it?

my motto this pregnancy

Another huge craving has been chicken salad. The coolness of the chicken salad paired with big sub rolls have been really hitting the spot. Especially with pickles and crushed up sour cream and onion chips in the sub. But, prob not the most healthy choice I could be making 5-6 times per week, so I found a healthier version of that as well!

Then dinners. Our staples of tacos and zoodles with tomato sauce have really been rocked with this heartburn thing. But chicken and cheesy things have been sitting pretty good. So I found 2 recipes that would cover us for 4-5 nights. One was a healthy spinach, chicken alfredo pasta and the other was a BBQ chicken tostada (because I miss tacos).

We bought all the ingredients Sunday. By making 3 chicken dishes for the week that all required pre-cooked chicken I just purchased 5 chicken breasts and cooked them in the crock pot with a little salt, pepper and water. Then divided the chicken up and went from there.

Find all the recipes here:

Anti-Heartburn Shake

Healthy Blueberry Muffins

Avocado Chicken Salad

Spinach and Chicken Alfredo

BBQ Tostada


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