Girls Weekend Shennanigans

Heather (J-lo), Me (Janis Joplin), Bruce Springsteen and Meg (Gwen Stefani) at our Rock-star Party!!
Heather (J-lo), Me (Janis Joplin), Bruce Springsteen and Meg (Gwen Stefani) at our Rock-star Party!!

I went to a party school for college. Good Ol’ UMass. I graduated 6 years ago and miss the craziness. For my junior and senior year, I rented a house with 4 of my best friends. We threw some ridic themed parties and watched more South Park than a thirteen year old gamer. Those were the days…

Me, Dee, Heather, Sarah and DT at our first themed party, a toga party...
Me, Dee, Heather, Sarah and DT at our first themed party, a toga party…


Me and (blonde) Meg at the Heaven and Hell party... tequila shots of course
Me and (blonde) Meg at the Heaven and Hell party… tequila shots of course

I get together with the UMass girls a few times a year. Most of them have married off and all are busy with their successful careers. No babies yet, but pets that are treated as if they were spawn.

We decided to have a casino weekend, which was a bold move since the last time we all were at a casino together it resulted in us getting kicked out of a restaurant. It was an even bolder move because we decided to go for two nights.

Since I am in a good workout routine I began to stress about not having the time to work out and going too crazy with my eating. So, I made a plan.

The day I was driving down I got up early went to the gym, did my strength training routine and some speed work.

Cupid shuffle... Kind of?
Cupid shuffle… Kind of?

That night we went dancing and walked all around the casino. So even though I drank more tequila than I had drank in the last 6 years combined in one night,I feel like I burned a lot of those added calories off. At 4AM, after playing flip cup with some randoms from across the hall we decided to call it a night. Before getting into bed I consumed coconut water, a vitamin water and a glass of water. Remarkably, I woke up at 10AM feeling almost human and ready for breakfast. After fruit salad and and a Belgium waffle I felt like a goddess… well not a goddess but like an upstanding citizen.


You can't even tell we were up to 4AM, right?
You can’t even tell we were up to 4AM, right?

I had asked all of the Umass Girls if they wanted to go for a run while we were down at the casino. All but one declined my offer. My buddy, (blonde) Meg, who is in amazing shape from Pole Fitness, was up for some cardio on the sunny Saturday. Meg is in great shape, but does not run as regularly as I do. My plan was to go at a very easy pace, but the beautiful weather and my 10k playlist caused me to go at a faster pace than anticipated. The first mile was done in under 9.30. Meg turned around at this point, but I kept going.



I managed to do almost 5 miles. Got some sun, found a Native American burial ground, a river, almost tripped over the grossest road kill I had ever seen and attempted to drink out of bubbler at a playground. Meg and I spent the following hours floating in the pool while the rest of the crew went shopping and got manis and pedis.


Night 2 was almost as crazy as night 1. We drank so much champagne and had police officers take our pictures. We managed to get into bed before 3AM though. Guess we are getting old.

We had the best time at Margaritaville..
We had the best time at Margaritaville…
Sooo much tequila...
Sooo much tequila…


I had the best time with my pals and am happy I was able to workout while away. I think I had a better time since I was not stressing out about not running. Endorphins help too, I suppose!


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