Mocha Smoothie


1 Tbs MCT Lean Oil

1 Package MCT Lean Chocolate Vegan Protein Blend

1.5 cups of coffee (cause that’s how I roll at 5:45 AM)

3/4 c frozen raspberries

1/2 c coconut milk

Add in a blender, blend.

I didn’t add ice as I did not want to water down my coffee. I added berries for flavor but also for cold-ness. I reluctantly added the coconut milk for additional protein (and I suppose slightly for flavor) but was hesitant as I really do not like to water down my coffee too much.

This made more than one glass/ serving since there was so much liquid. I would say it was 1.5 solo cups worth. I had half a solo cup as I got ready and put the other glass in the freezer to thicken it up and make it really cold.

It was really good! Not as chocolate-y as I imagined, but that’s fine by me. I really think the raspberries did a lot for the flavor. Quite tasty and I am feeling VERY awake for the day!



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