Getting Started (Again)

After many, many months off from running I am getting back into it. I have been running since High School and since my 10 year High School reunion is this year I suppose that makes me a veteran runner? I have a very difficult time sticking to a running schedule during the holiday season. And the holiday season seems to start at Halloween now, so I am a bit out of shape.

To get myself motivated I have signed up for a bunch of races. I signed up for a 5k in mid May, a 10k in later April a half marathon in August and a half marathon in October. I seem to need to need a race to really get myself moving or my head will be all like “It’s really cold out you should prob just stay in and Netflix ‘Pretty Little Liars’ whilst eating sugar free whipped cream by the mug full…” No, let’s be real that does not happen. The whipped cream is never sugar free.

I have decided to follow the Hal Higdon Half Marathon plan for intermediate. Despite not running consistently over the last few months, I am still able to run 5-6 miles without too much trouble (yeah! yeah! That veteran status comes in handy!). However my mile time is really lacking. So, I am hoping that this plan will help me get my some speed back. My hope is to run my half marathon in August in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Depending on how that goes I will assess the October halfie from there.

My schedule this week as far as working out hopes to look something like this:
Monday- Stretch & Strengthen
Tuesday- Easy 3 miles
Wednesday- 5 x 400’s and strength training
Thursday- Easy 3 miles
Friday- 5 Mile run
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Easy 3 miles

Monday Exercise:
10 min warm up on treadmill (2 min walk, 5 min run, 3 min walk)
Leg Press 100lbs, 15 reps and 3 sets
Hip Abduction 60 lbs, 12 reps and 3 sets
Hip Adduction 80 lbs, 12 reps and 3 sets
Leg Extension 30lbs, 12 reps and 3 sets
Leg Curl 25lbs, 12 reps 3 sets
Shoulder Press- 20 lbs, 12 reps and 3 sets
Lateral rowing machine- 30 lbs, 12 reps and 3 sets
CX Ab workout- 45 min

Monday Food:
Breakfast: Special K flat bread B-fast sandwich with egg whites and turkey sausage. Surprising satisfying breakfast choice!
Snack 1: Kiwi, blueberries and strawberries ( 1/3 cup combined)
Lunch: Grilled steak salad with Greek dressing on the side ( no cheese, so delightful!!!)
Snack 2: Lean Cuisine Spinach and cheese pretzel bites- for 220 calories I would think I would feel full after eating such a snack, however, I did not. I did enjoy them and helped my cheese craving.
Dinner- Steak wrap with cheddar, peppers, onions and side of sweet potato fries a glass of red wine and an espresso martini, random shots of SoCO Cherry Cola
Dessert- s ‘more cookie bar (2, I had 2 ok?!?)

My friend, Becky, and I went to the gym where we did a LesMills CXCore work out. I think our laughter at our inability to complete the certain moves totally burned some extra calories. Laughing engages my abs anyways!

After the class, I went home and baby wiped down before heading out to a local bar for some food and trivia with the BF and Becky. The plan was to get a wrap and a glass of red wine. The wrap and red wine happened but I became jealous of Becky’s Espresso Martini and ordered that as well. After consuming those two lovely beverages, I was offered a SoCo Black Cherry Cola beverage shot. The Espresso Martini totally suaded me to consume the shot. When the BF did not want his as he was driving (so responsible!) it seemed rude to leave it so I consumed his as well. Wicked smaht decision.

Had way too much fun for a Monday. Came in third place in trivia, which resulted in me leaving in some pretty hawt looking SoCo gear.

Any night where I leave the bar prior to 10, tipsy and wearing an outfit that I did not come in is a good night. The fact that this was a Monday night made it all the sweeter.


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