Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M Week 10

Monday 7 miler- I was slow to motivate, but eventually got my ass off the couch and really enjoyed my 7 miles. I pre-gamed with cracklin oat bran, strawberries and coffee. Perfect amount of food! It was sunny and cool, perfect for running. My time was 9.30 splits which I was STOKED about. I did

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Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M. Week 6

Monday. 5 miler 6 Miler: So it was really cold again. And I was all bloated from 3 days of drinking copiously and eating ALL the things. Motivation was hard to find, but eventually I did find it. I set off for my 5 miler right around noon. It was a balmy 17 degrees by this

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Soooo I seem to be getting fatter…

 I pulled the scale out of the closet- where KC hides it from me. I stripped down after a decent 3 miler to see how much I weighed. I had not weighed myself in about 2 weeks and was sure the amount would be lower. Especially since the last time I weighed myself it was

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