To be (curvy) or Not to be (slightly less curvy)?

I read a lot of great blogs. I read blogs devoted to running and eating well. I get inspired. I read blogs devoted to being curvy or plus sized. It makes me appreciate my well endowed chest and feel confident for wearing figure hugging wrap dress. Reading blogs about curvy plus sized women makes me

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Are You Lenting?

So I have decided to participate in Lent this year. Some lingering Catholic guilt may be the inspiration. I think it is more related to my masochistic tendencies and constant need to try and prove to myself that I do have willpower (prob because I really do not have willpower for more that 2 weeks.)

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Getting Started (Again)

After many, many months off from running I am getting back into it. I have been running since High School and since my 10 year High School reunion is this year I suppose that makes me a veteran runner? I have a very difficult time sticking to a running schedule during the holiday season. And

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