Yogah Girl

I had plans to be this amazing running pregnant lady.

I could picture it, me and my perfectly rounded tummy running my normal routes. I would be glowing and waving at all the “regulars” I see walking their dogs or riding their bikes. They would be super impressed with my dedication to running.

The first trimester I ran for the first half since I was signed up for a half marathon. It was miserable. I began dreading my runs. After the half marathon was over, I decided to take a break from my running coach and just do my own thing. I went on a couple 3 mile runs, a few 5 milers but it was not very fun.

Then the snow and ice came.

This may shock you, but I am not a graceful ballerina. I know, I know– shocking. With my eloquence and dainty eating habits one would think I am light of foot, but I am not. In winter I fall a lot. Between running and walking Sadie falling on the weekly was not a strange occurrence for me. But now, that I am a holy vessel of life, I need to not be such a clumsy asshole.

I started going to the gym to do the elliptical. I was shocked to see how quickly I was out of breath but I heard that was a thing. It has something to do with my body pumping more blood I think?

I started taking classes at a new gym with my friend Jill. We did an ab class (found out later from the OB that I shouldn’t have. Sorry future baby) and we tried a few different types of yoga classes.

I started taking Bodyflow and yoga at my gym too.

I started to do at home prenatal yoga via youtube.

I signed up for a 4 week prenatal yoga class.

My body began almost craving yoga, as hippy as that sounds. The day after a yoga class my hips and back would feel so good! I couldn’t wait to go back.

So far this isn’t an issue… but can’t be far.

I see so many super fit pregos out there at crossfit, running marathons in each trimester and I feel like ” I should be doing that too!” Part of me is disappointed that I am not some hot mother runner at this point. But, I am proud that I have been getting regular physical activity throughout my pregnancy. I think during this time for me it, it isn’t about challenging my body or gaining a new level of fitness. It is more about not losing all my fitness and prepping my body to squeeze out an 8 lb human.  But for all those moms and future moms who are running lots of miles- you go girl! You do you. I think everyone’s journey is going to be different. What feels good for me may not for someone else.

What kinds of exercises did you do or avoid during pregnancy?


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