Too Nice out to Gym?

photo 1 (9)I have been in a really good routine of running 3 times per week and hitting the gym 3 times per week to do strength training. I am not losing any Lbs (which is FRUSTRATING) but I am getting leaner (my muffin top has dramatically reduced).

This last week however, I went running 5 times and to the gym once. It is just too friggin nice out! I have no desire to go into the smelly, crowded, weight room. I want to just be outside. My albino skin is grateful for the increase in vitamin D.

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Not strength training is an issue for multiple reasons.

1. I am paying $40/ month for a gym membership, so I better use it!

2. Lifting weights is the reason why I am leaner… running is great and all. Helps with ┬átoning my legs, I am sure. Rumor has it running is good for managing belly fat… my remaining muffin top refutes that. Strength training has changed my body for the better. I have biceps now and my triceps arm jiggle has dramatically reduced. I think it is helping my metabolism.

3. I only own 5lb hand weights… which are wicked adorable but are not going to mold me into the svelte, goddess I am trying to be.

4. I am too awkward and embarrassed to try a strength training work out outside… I have friends who feel awkward running outside, which is crazy to me. So I am sure this is prob on the same line of crazy. I just feel it would be like I was “showing off” if I were to bring my (shitty 5lb) weights outside and lunge across my front yard. I am not trying to show off- though, I dunno if people would assume that when they saw my 5lb weights- I am just trying to tone up!

Therefore, weightlifting+cupcakes = slightly less huge?
Therefore, weightlifting+cupcakes = slightly less huge?

I managed to get myself to the gym this AM and get my routine in. Though, I did debate skipping and going for a run.

What motivates you to go to the gym when it is nice out? Do you ever do strength training outdoors?


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