The Sweet Spot

Major pregnancy milestone was achieved last week- I made it to the third trimester.


I think the beginning of the third trimester is the sweet spot of pregnancy. I still have the energy and ability to move freely of the second trimester, but I actually look really pregnant. Which I have been waiting for, since I have just been looking awkwardly chubby for the last 30 years I mean 4-6 months.


There were a few outfits I would wear in my 2nd trimester where my friends and family would comment on my bump. Things like “Wow- you are looking pregnant today!” or “Damn, looking big.” Then overnight in my 28th week, I “popped” or whatever. I was obviously pregnant. Strangers would smile at me.

I think the best was showing up to barre class last week. I had taken this barre class 3 times with this instructor. Usually with my pal, Jill but this time I was solo. I dragged my mat, strap, ab ball and hand weights in. I was stretching and getting ready, feeling happy as it was a Friday evening. The instructor came over and in a very gentle tone said “Hey girl, you ever taken a barre class before?” I was a little perplexed I guess I was not memorable in the previous classes? “Oh yeah, I have.” I responded. She smiled and said “Ok cool, just know your limits. You good on your back still?” I thought for a moment and said “Yeah, not so much on the belly.” I meant that jokingly and her eyebrows raised and said “Definitely not!”.

Halfway through the class we were doing our 100th ab exercise and I was stretching and sipping water. It would not have been safe for me to be engaging in the activity they were all doing so I was doing me- as I do. The instructor said “How you doing lil’ mama?” which made me smile, I have not really heard that. I smiled and said “Oh I am good” chuckling to myself as I was not struggling through a really intense ab exercise like the rest of those fools. When that was over we did squats and lunges which is why I loooooove barre esp for a prenatal workout. I was able to complete all of these exercises-¬†and it was good challenge.

After class, the other participants in class were asking me when I was due and congratulating me. A few told me how good I looked and how impressed they were with me working out this far into my pregnancy. It was awesome. I felt like a little celebrity or something.

So, I am deeming this the sweet spot of pregnancy. I have a good bump that is noticeable but I do not feel like a completely miserable cow yet. I am sure this is coming but you can bet your ass that I am going to take advantage of this stage and workout as much as I can before it becomes uncomfortable!


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