Summer Running- Having a Blast?

As a true New Englander, I am able to complain about every season. Fall is beautiful, but filled with tourists and leaf peepers, Winter is cold, short days and and terrible driving, Spring is unpredictable, often cold and too muddy and Summer is far too hot and humid… new england weather meme

This Summer has been rough. I started this Winter out invigorated, motivated. 5:15AM workouts were a regular thing. I was truly looking forward to Summer. Long days = long runs. But, the humidity has been absolutely unbearable. Soupy days, where it is a barrier of moisture you are running through, praying to run in a downpour to get some relief. After a 6AM 3.5 miler one day, I leaned into KC’s car as he was leaving for work and left some sexy sweat stains of my hands all over his new car’s upholstery. He’s one lucky man. Humidity at 6AM is just plain TERRIBLE!

Back when I was all motivated and enjoying cool runs where I barely sweat, I had signed up for a half marathon. The half marathon takes place in beautiful Rockport, MA. I completed it last year with ease despite staying at a bonfire till midnight the night prior to the race, drinking wine.  The halfie is scheduled for this Sunday.  I have not run over 10 miles at all during this training. I have not run 10 miles since early June. After much thought, pros & cons lists, convos with the fiance and my family, I have decided not to participate in the half marathon. I am really disappointed in myself, as I know if I had made training my top priority I could have prepared for this race. Instead, I made socializing, drinking wine and weekends away my top priority. marathons running netflix

Though I am disappointed, I am also relieved. I have 2 other races next week and half marathon scheduled in the fall. I worry if I push myself to run in this race, I will injure myself as I have had ongoing knee pain through out my training. I am logical enough to know that I would push myself to run the whole thing if I were to participate and probably hurt my knee more.

So here I am, restarting my training for a half marathon on October 5, 2014. I have plenty of time to properly train and hopefully get a PR. I am following Hal Higdon’s intermediate plan, but starting at week 4 since I have been consistently running, just not big distances. I am also going to do weight training 2-3 times per week, as this has truly helped my metabolism and changed my body. Tomorrow is the first day of new month! Perfect time to recommit yourself to a new workout plan!

Time to Workout

Here is my Upcoming Workout Schedule:

Friday- 7 mile run

Saturday- Weights

Sunday- 5K race (was originally the half, but the 5K makes much more sense)


Tuesday- 3 mile run

Wednesday- Weights

Thursday- Rest

Friday- 8 mile run

Saturday- Renegade Playground Challenge

Sunday- Rest

I think this summer my biggest struggle has been balancing everything. Work is hectic, every weekend we have been visiting friends, going away etc. All wicked awesome, fun things but I have not been making working out a priority.

Writing in my planner helps. I also think sharing it in a public forum (like me here on my blog) or telling friends, using social media to join a fitness forum, etc. is a good way to hold yourself accountable.  There is no turning back once the world of FB knows.



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