Sprained Ankles and Sad Workouts

After the half marathon, my ankle was definitely feeling really sore. I babied it a lot last week and this week it was feeling much, much better!


KC and I spent the weekend celebrating our engagement with our friends and family which was delightful. I ate my weight in Mexican food, which was equally delightful and regretful. Monday KC and I had planned a little hike, up Mt. Major to spend some one on one time together and burn off some of the mistakes  fried food I devoured over the weekend.

We had a detour that morning, as KC’s poor car got hit parked in a parking lot on Thursday, so we had to bring it to the auto body shop and pick up the rental.With sandwiches packed in our new little cooler pack thing (Thanks, Dad!). We headed north.


This not KC
This not KC

We had maybe made it a mile up when KC tripped, fell, bashing his knee into a rock and bruising it. He sat for awhile, debating whether it bothered him too much to continue the ascend to the top of mount major. He decided he was fine and we journeyed on.

KC's Spirit Animal
KC’s Spirit Animal

Maybe a half mile later–if that– I stepped on a loose rock that was covered by slippery leaves, rolled my ankle and hopped off the trail. I was SO MAD at myself. I had really been looking forward to this for days. Mt. Major is my favorite hike. You can see the white mountains in the distance and almost all of lake Winnepesauke. KC, who is less out-doorsy than I, had never done this hike, and I so desperately wanted to share this with him.

I sat for a minute, assessed that my ankle was swelling, put my shoe back on, and took a few steps. It was painful, but not so painful my eyes were watering. I decided that we should forge on, just take it slow.

We continued up, each step more painful than the previous. I could feel my ankle swelling up and over my shoe. I stepped off the trail to look at my foot again, and it was even more swollen. Ugh.

We turned around, and walking down was way worse. Each step cause my eyes to water. Little kids and elderly people happily passed me on their descend as I grasped KC’s hand or the nearest tree branch.

We eventually made it down and to the car. My ankle had swelled quite a bit.

Look at that beautiful foliage! Oh an the swelling...
Look at that beautiful foliage! Oh an the swelling…

I almost started crying, not cause the pain; just shear disappointment. KC, the sweetest man in the world, was desperate to turn the day around and make me happy. He asked if I needed to go to the ER or doctor. I declined, I am well versed in ankle sprains and do not need a MD to tell me to ice & elevate.

KC yelped restaraunts and found a little bar with a lakeside view. We got some appetizers to split and I had two glasses of red wine and was then convinced I prob could make it to the top of the mountain.


I spent Tuesday icing and elevating all day. I took the day off from work as I was unsure how I would get to the top of the 2.5 flights of stairs.

At home, I moved a chair to the counter so I could lean on that and do dishes as well as prepare meals. This made me feel invincible. On my way back to the couch to ice and elevate I grabbed my 5 LB weights. I did a bunch of bicep curls, tricep dips, shoulder presses and chest presses while sitting. I got in a small ab workout too!

fridge happinessI have been in such a good rhythm with working out I am worried that this injury will derail me. Yesterday, I got a minimal workout in and hate primarily healthy which is good, but not great. Working out has always been a “solution” to my less than ideal eating habits. I never really worry about having a small dessert or extra snack because I typically burn 400 plus calories a day in a workout, so 4 Oreos still leaves me at a deficit. Now what?

I am hoping that by the end of the week I can make it to the gym for an upper body workout. But we will have to see. I know that I pushed my ankle too soon, too fast after the half marathon and now look where I am at– Icing and elevating my ankle… at work… with crutches (Thanks, Brother Michael, Mom and Dad!)

What are your tips for burning calories when injured?


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  1. I like your little Freudian slip where you “hate primarily healthy ” haha I assume you meant ate 🙂 I hope you feel better soon, sprained ankles suck! Don’t push yourself too hard, it won’t be forever!

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