Shredding For the Wedding

My wedding is ONE YEAR AWAY! I am oso excited!


I am wicked excited to be marrying a  man who loves me at my current size, and I am certain he would love me at any size.

KC be all like...
KC be all like…

Regardless, I would really like to tone up for the wedding.  I want to feel confident all day long and not to be worried about sucking it in or popping a skinny arm. And let’s face it, those pictures are going to be around forever, ever.  I am not as much concerned with losing weight (though I won’t cry if I do…) But I am more working towards building up some lean muscle.

Without giving too much away about my dress, I’d like to:

1. Strengthen my back, shoulders & arms

2. Flatten my stomach

3. Tone/ build my booty up

4. Lengthen/ improve my posture

To do this I am going to be working out 5-6 days/ week and I will post my workouts weekly, so you can follow along!

This Week:

Monday: Stretch and abs

Tuesday: Strength Training

Wednesday: 30 min walk/ run (ankle injury!)

Thursday: Strength Training

Friday: 30 min run

Saturday: Stretch and abs

Sunday: Half Marathon Race 


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