Shredding For The Wedding Week 5

Hard to believe I am already on the 5th week of this! That means my wedding is 11 months away… CRAZY!

3 day refresh packIn addition to working out, this week I am starting off with a 3 Day Refresh. This is a BeachBody product, which I am in no way affiliated with. Though, I do like the Shakeology protein powder, if they want to send me free samples 🙂

This plus a shake is what I eat first half of the day!
This plus a shake is what I eat first half of the day!

I decided to try the refresh after joining a Facebook challenge group that promotes exercise and healthy eating. Many of the participants were starting their 21 day challenge with the refresh. I am not one for fasts but this seems do-able despite the low caloric intake.And after a weekend of wine, queso and pizza I think my digetsive track will welcome the fresh fruits and veggies. Basically it is, three days of shakes, fiber drinks and low calorie/ high fiber meals. The hope is to kick start my weight loss.

I am hoping that it will motivate me to continue to eat healthy if I lose a couple LBs right away! If it is effective, I may do it a few times over the next 11 months to keep my digestive track clean- sexy right?

Workout Schedule

Sunday- Strength Training

Monday- LesMills CX worx

Tuesday-  Yoga

Wednesday-  Strength Training

Thursday- Abs

Friday- Strength Training

Saturday- Rest



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