Shredding for the Wedding Week 2

Why, hello! How is everyone doing this fine fall week?


As I previously stated, I will be posting me weekly workouts for you to follow along with and perhaps partake in, in my quest to look hawt on my wedding day/ everyday.

Week 2

Monday- Stretch and walk in the woods with Sadie. I was very tight and sore from the halfie on Sunday so I took it easy.

Awww Sadie!

Tuesday- Strength training routine minus squats & lunges due to sore ankle and added hip abduction and adduction.

Wednesday- Yoga! I didn’t hate it, I didn’t like it. I am going to try and make this a weekly thing. My work wife had suggested Yoga with Adrienne which is free on youtube. I like her personality a lot!

sad but true!
sad but true!

Thursday- Strength train routine, maybe squats but no lunges.

Friday- RUN! I am def doing 3 but if my ankle feels good I am going to do 5.

runnning burns 674 m&ms

Saturday- Yoga and or abs

Sunday- 3 Mile Run

Monday- Run and or Hike

Tuesday- Strength Training

sorry my repeated gym check in make you feel lazy

How is your working out going?


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