Running at Work and Guess What Day it Is?!? Rest Day, it’s rest day…

Preach it, Winnie, preach it!
Preach it, Winnie, preach it!

Yesterday was another glorious spring day! My plan was to get a run in before work, as I knew I would be leaving work late. The alarm went off at 5AM, and I went back to bed and vowed to sneak a run in at work.

I packed everything I would need:

Running clothes- Capri, 2 sports bras, tank top, sneakers, socks

There is no such thing as too many baby wipes
There is no such thing as too many baby wipes


Arm band

Running belt with water bottle

Make-up remover/ baby wipes

Deodorant/ body spray

Dry shampoo


After a stressful first half of my day, I managed to sneak out around 2PM to go for a 3 miler. I ended up running just over 3 miles in just under 30 minutes! Not too shabby. I ended with a cool down, jogging to a cafe where I purchased a buffalo chicken wrap and an iced coffee, also not too shabby. 

I ate the wrap too quickly to take a picture... my B
I ate the wrap too quickly to take a picture… my B

I returned to work and decided that since I did not have any meetings left for the rest of the day I would just chill out in my gross running clothes rather than putting my dress back on. Work Wife, Lauren, was less than impressed when she arrived at work to find me in my running garb. But, spouses, even work spouses, have to accept us in good times and in bad times; so she quickly got over this.

megdrinkingwinein runningclothesThe day felt never ending. But I eventually made it home where I drank a large glass of wine and consumed 2 pieces of pizza. Everything always feels better after pizza… and wine… and Archer.

Today is my day off from working out. Usually I feel guilty, but the rainy weather and lack of sleep has me welcoming this week’s rest day the same way I would welcome a chicken burrito or glass of pinot noir.

Hope everyone is having a nice HUMP DAY!

Guess what day it is?? REST DAY!
Guess what day it is?? REST DAY!



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