Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M. weeks 11-14

Why hello! How are you? I am ok-I have been a terrible blogger. Life gets in the way every now and again. So I shall do a quick re-cap here. Luckily, since I am essentially from 80’s I keep a planner where I keep track of my workouts and make crazy notes.


4 milerWeek 11- This was a crazy week for me. It was one week before my work’s biggest fundraiser of the year. For my runs I had 2 4 milers and an 8 miler. I ran to work for the 8 miler- which I loved. I felt really bad ass getting to work around 7 AM. I showered at work and was ready for my 8 AM meeting – felt really accomplished. My long run was a 16 miler on the Saturday. I woke up really early to do it as I had to be at work at noon. Again, I felt really bad ass getting to work with 2 large pizzas in my arms knowing I ran 16 miles. I was really sore- but still felt great. I went out with KC, my bro and his roommate that night. I inadvertently got really drunk leading me to the conclusion that on long run days I should refrain from over indulging in alcohol.


9 miler before workWeek 12- This was the week of the auction so I literally worked 70 hours. I was able to get in all my runs an 8 miler, 4 miler and 5 miler during the week. Two of the runs I did at work in the middle of my 12-14 hour long days. My long run was supposed to be on Saturday, but I did it on Sunday instead because I was just too tired the night after the auction. I spent Saturday prepping for the honeymoon and eating all the things. Both were necessary. The weather was much nicer for running on Sunday so it truly worked out! My time was okay, but I felt awesome after.


18 milerWeek 13– My last week of work before leaving for ARUBA! Though I worked less hours, this felt like the longest week of my life. I had a 4 miler, 9 miler and 5 miler mid week. I ran to work for the 9 miler and yes felt really bad ass. The other 2 I did before work which always makes me feel accomplished too. My times were great considering I was still feeling run down from the two weeks prior of work. I took Friday off to do my long run before flying out. 18 miles… I was nervous. I had to get up early and start my run early as I had a bikini wax scheduled at 12:30 and there was no possible way I was going to go to Aruba unwaxed. My run started off great- a little fast but I was feeling awesome until mile 14. I had some stomach issues and I was in a panic of what to do. I really thought I was going to shit myself. Since it was Friday, KC was at work. I texted him as he is the only human I could share this feeling with, besides my work-wife.I took a walk break, texted KC my issue and sipped some water. Walking seemed to alleviate the GI issues, so I slowly started to run again. My average pace was 10.44- which I would be happy to have as my average marathon pace. I felt pretty bad right after finishing. My stomach was pissed. The night before a had a BBQ pork quesadilla with fries. I have taken this off my pre-race menu. After my shower, a protein shake and some stretching I felt human again. I went to all my get ready for Aruba appointments and was even able to get off the waxing table with little to no assistance #winning.

post 5 milerWeek 14– ARUBA! KC and I were travel virgins. I mean, I am a little more worldly having gone to Niagara Falls with my family circa 1999. We were both stoked to be  heading out of the country for our honeymoon. Our flight was at 6 AM, so we got up at 3:30 AM the Saturday we left. We had to run to catch our connecting flight in Philly which was all the exercise I did that day, unless sipping pina coladas under a cabana counts as strength training. Sunday I had planned to run, but we signed up to do a Jeep tour of the island and snorkeling in the Natural Pool. Totally worth the extra money, this may have been the highlight of my trip. After the excursion we ate, swam and drank. Monday, I knew I needed to run. KC was slightly uncomfortable at the idea of me running solo so he, being the awesome supportive husband he is ran with me. We did not have any idea where to run, but ended up running through downtown Oranjestad, Aruba. It was cool to see the town this way. We ended up doing 5 miles, which is the longest KC has ever run. We hit the breakfast buffet pretty hard after that and it was amazing. We swam in the ocean the rest of the day while drinking and eating simultaneously. Tuesday we did a 3 miler with about a 2 mile walk. I was fine with this. KC and I were both slightly burnt and KC would never say this, but he was definitely sore from the run the previous day. My plan was to do a 9 miler on Wednesday, but on Tuesday I got a terrible sunburn. I could barely handle sitting, so I did not run. I thought it would be better for me to run on Thursday, but it was still pretty bad, 12 milerand the resort had no running water so I did not want to get all sweaty before getting on our 6 hour flight. We were pretty active on the trip, walking a lot, swimming a lot, eating & drinking a lot- so I am not going to be too mad at myself for going off plan. The Saturday we were home, I attempted a 14 miler but only did 12. I did 12 in about the time it takes me to do  14… so there’s that. I think I was dehydrated from all the island drinks and salty food I ate while away. I was pretty disappointed with myself but chalked it up to a bad run and moved on.



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