Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M Week 9

Monday, Cross-Training: I slept okay but not great as I felt sickly through out the night. I decided to take Sadie to the woods versus walking her on leash. It was a great idea. I was able to leisurely walk and Sadie had a ball. She was so puppy like, sprinting about. She was climbing, jumping, rolling in dead things- she had the best day ever. Walking actually seemed to settle my stomach a bit. I came home and stretched a ton, iced, elevated and drank lots of water. I wanted today to be restful since I was feeling shitty yesterday and this week my week day run mileage increases a lot.

Tuesday, 3 miler: I slept poorly, unfortunately. But did manage to get in an okay 3 miler. My time was a bit slower than usual because I am wicked sore from the race on Sunday still. My quads are on FIYAH! I wore compression shorts under my dress and compression socks under my boots #sexy. I had a really rough first day back to the office. So rough that KC deemed I needed hard alcohol. After my 11 hour work day I ate my feelings; baked scallops, garlic mash- twas divine. I washed it down with a vodka tonic and KC and I began planning our honeymoon. Looks like it will either be Jamaica, the Dominican Republic or Aruba.

Wednesday, 7 miler: 7 miles before work is hands down the longest I have ever run before work. I felt accomplished when I finished, even more accomplished when I arrived at work on time WITH an iced coffee. This day too was stressful and I found myself daydreaming of my run. I took a walk in the afternoon to get food since I left my leftovers at home. It was SO nice out. I became sad that I ran this AM when it was in the lower 30’s when now it was 70 and glorious.

Thursday, 4 miler: Getting 4 miles in before a 7 AM shift is what all little girls dream of. I mean, who doesn’t love running in the dark when it’s cold out and everyone else in the WHOLE WORLD is sleeping?!? Part of me does feel badass, the other part feels terrified I will be mauled by a creature or a human. I should prob stop listening to 48 hours when I run. But it is SO interesting! The run was

Friday, Rest: Today was a much needed rest day. Work has been rough. Training has been rough. Family stuff has been rough. It was a beautiful day out- as are most of my non-running days. I walked down to get a salad for lunch. I took Sadie for two walks but that was about it. KC and I went out to eat and I ate and drank all the things. ALL. THE. THINGS. I had 3 glasses of wine and 2 martinis plus all the bread, sushi and fried oysters I could jam down my gullet. Mistakes were made. I do not usually overly indulge this much this the night before a run.

Saturday, 10 miles: Waking up was rough. I felt rough, like I had drank a lot. I drank lots of water, had some coffee, more water and advil. I started my 10 miler kind of late for me for a Saturday run because of this. I did get out there and I did a new route! The weather was glorious and the new route kept me motivates as did the Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance”. I had a few slow miles, but those were QUITE hilly. I am trying to do 2 hilly runs a week since the marathon route is described as “rolling terrain” AKA hilly. I am worried about this as hills really do slow me down. The rest of the day was spent eating and drinking. I did stretch some but probably not enough.

Sunday, Cross-training: The plan had been gym, but this did not happen. I slept later than planned thanks to stupid daylight savings. It was nice out and I really wanted to go for a hike with KC and Sadie. So we skipped the gym and hit the trail. It was fun! After we grabbed breakfast and did our grocery shopping for the week. I got lots of healthy stuff so I can get back on track this week eating wise. We headed down to KC’s parents for dinner where I ate and drank all things again.


I had a hard time sleeping on Sunday night. The last 2 weeks my eating has been really unhealthy. I have been making poor food choices and overeating. I have been saying for weeks that I need to reign it in. This week I am going to reign it in. I have to. My honeymoon is coming up. My race is coming up. My 30th birthday is coming up. I do not want to feel the way I felt last night. Regretful, full and sluggish.

This week:

  1. No drinking alcohol during the week
  2. Increase water intake
  3. Stretch more
  4. Strength train 2x
  5. Get more sleep
  6. No meals out Mon-Thurs


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