Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M Week 8

3 milerMonday. 3 Miler: Today the plan was a 3 miler which I executed beautifully.  After the run I went to the gym for 45 minutes of strength training and an hour and a half of yoga. I skipped strength training yesterday to eat and drink; so  I did all the things. It felt good to have completed 3 hours of activity before 11:30 AM on a Monday. My only fail today was not packing any food. So as of 6 PM all I had was a protein bar, coffee and lots of water. I was having dinner at my parents and my dad picked me up a meatballs with zitti. Safe to say there were no leftovers.



boston runTuesday, 6 Miler: Today was a weird day. I spent last night at my parents house to get up wicked early today to take my mom to an appointment in Boston. After dropping her off, I walked to meet one of my buddies for breakfast which was delightful. We split a breakfast pizza and a blueberry muffin. I then walked to Boston Common to go for a run. One lap around was 1 mile, so I did that twice before running into the Public Gardens. I go to mile 4 and looked at my map so I could head back to meet my mom, and my phone died. I think I need to take it to the apple store as it keeps dying and it was not that cold out. I know Boston okay, but heeaded back the way I came to ensure I would be back in time to meet my mom. So my 6 miler turned into a 4 miler with a few miles of walking.

Wednesday, Rest: Today was supposed to be a 3 miler, but I swapped it for a rest day. I was still in Boston and was unsure of what the schedule of the day would be so I opted to skip the run. I did however get well over 10,000 steps walking around. My eating ha been terrible this week. Today I started my day with fruit and a scone, chicken wrap for lunch and a BBQ chicken pizza for dinner with wine.


Thursday, 3 miler: I woke up early so I could definitely get a run in. It was colder than I had thought and packed for, so I decided to run at the gym in the hotel. It waslike 80 degrees in the gym. I sweat so much. Like a gross amount. I wore the Under Armour compression shorts I bought as a possible marathon outfit and they felt good! I was worried they would be too short and give me the chub rub. 3 miles is diff than 26 though so I will try them out in a longer run.

cruel intentionsFriday and Saturday, Rest Days:  With the half marathon on Sunday both Friday and Saturday were rest days. I was really excited to see KC on Friday night, I had not seen him since wicked early on Monday morning. Unfortunately, he had to head down to Massachusetts so I did not get to see him. So I did what any respectable woman would do, I ate potato skins and drank half a bottle of wine while watching Cruel Intentions. Saturday, I woke up and did a couple loads of laundry, walked Sadie and cleaned up a bit before heading down to have lunch with my mom. We had Panera which was delicious. I drank water all day in prep for the halfie. I stopped in at my cousin’s house on my way back home to say Happy Birthday, make fun of the boys for playing Risk and to play some 45’s. I couldn’t stay too late since I needed to eat, hydrate, stretch and sleep. I had pizza for dinner, and retrospectively I wont opt for pizza as a pre-race dinner. I think it was too heavy.

Sunday, Half Marathon: I woke up at 6 AM because I am crazy. Registration started at 8 AM, race at 10 AM. I really wanted to get there right at 8 and I did not want to rush. I watched the news, hydrated, stretched and obsessed over what to wear. I walked Sadie, headed out at 7:20 AM, stopped for a coffee and got to the race registration right at 8 AM. KC has spoiled me over the years. He always accompanies me to my races, hangs out with me, calms me downs, holds my stuff, pumps me up- he is amazing. So waiting 2 hours before the race alone was new for me. In some ways it was good, because I really got to go at my own pace. I peed a record number of 5 times before starting the race because I jogged to the far away bathrooms 3 x to avoid lines #winning. I prob would not have done that if KC was with me as I would not want to make him jog.

pre half

I felt very warmed up and agonized over how many layers to wear; eventually opting for a tank with a long-sleeved shirt over it. The race was actually really good. My first mile was really fast so I purposefully slowed down. I was surprised at how fast the race was going! My amazing brother lined up in front of his apartment to cheer me on around mile 5. The last 3 miles were a bit challenging, my legs were starting to feel tired, which then became a mental battle. “Holy shit if I am this tired now how the fuck am I going to run a marathon?” I pushed through and finished strong kicking up the pace for the last 1/10th of a mile. The crowd cheered, other runners were saying “way to push!” and the announcer even said my name. I was pleased with my time of 2 hours 7 minutes and 36 seconds a personal record by 2 minutes! After the race I saw some dude puking and felt a little sick for a second. I kept walking, drank some water and called KC. He was pumped for me! I then called my parents who were also happy for me. i drank a beer, took a selfie, hit up a non portapotty and headed to have lunch with my brother.

post halfie

We feasted on nachos and beer and it was glorious. I headed home and started to feel terrible. My stomach was all upset. I drank more water, tried to stretch but felt horrible. I showered which helped while I was in there, but felt awful after getting out. I tried to nap but was awoken by texts and phone calls. KC was on his way home and I felt and looked terrible. I had not seen KC for 6 days and the first time he saw me I was wearing huge sweatpants and a baggy hoodie. My temperature rose to 100 degrees. I was a mess! KC made me garlic bread and made sure I drank lots of water. We went to bed at a normal hour. It was nice to be reunited, but disappointed that I was under the weather.

Overall- this was a really weird week. Lots of stuff going on in both my and KC’s personal life. Lots of work stress on both sides. And my running is really amping up. I ate like shit all week. I could have made better food choices but because I was stressed I def used food as a release.

Seems like too few!
Seems like too few!

I am sooo pleased with my half marathon time! I am so upset that I felt shitty after. I think it was because I ate poorly all week and then ran 13.1 miles then ate more crappy food. I usually eat shitty food after a half so I was really surprised that I felt so terrible after the race. I will have to watch this as my mileage increases.


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