Runnah Girl goes H.A.M. Week 7

hangryMonday. Cross-Train: I stayed up way too late eating PB m&ms and watching true crime shows on Sunday. When my alarm went off at 6:00 AM, I opted to sleep for another hour. I had appointments all day long, so I packed a gym bag so I could hit the gym on my way home. I ended up eating a late lunch at Applebee’s and getting back to NH later than anticipated. I was SO tired driving home. The only reason I forced myself to go to the gym was because I was too tired to walk Sadie in the cold and I was hoping KC would beat me home if I went to the gym. I am a terrible wife. I was also wrong. So I worked out for an hour doing some strength training, the elliptical and the stationary bike then took out a very unruly Sadie. I stretched and foam rolled really well, which was beyond necessary. I went to bed at a decent time, but probably should make an effort to get to bed even earlier this week. My body is TIRED.


week 7 day 2Tuesday. 3 Miler: KC has a crazy couple of weeks ahead of him at work and is getting up extra early. Rather than getting up with him today I opted to sleep in until 6 AM. I like to start my run before 6:45 AM so this seemed feasible. It was not. My run started late and was a bit slow. I did not feel sore or anything I just feel tired. I had a protein shake for breakfast, chicken with veggies for lunch- all good food choices. Then my awesome co-worker offered me an almond shortbread square she made. I tried to be good and only eat half but it back fired. I ended up having the other half later. Eating is becoming a real struggle. KC and I went out for dinner and I considered taking half my sandwich home a victory.

wed workoutWednesday. 3 Miler: It was snowing and freezing rain this morning. I opted for sleep over a slick run and packed a running outside outfit and a gym running outfit so I had no excuse not to run later. I ate an early lunch cause I am always hungry and suited up around 2:30 to sneak out for a run. A few work things came up preventing me from sneaking out, then the rain started to come down harder. Soooo, I opted for the gym. I HATE THE TREADMILL. But, the fact that we are mostly through February and this is my first indoor run is a win. I followed up my 3 miler with strength training then walking a puppy in the rain.

rest day meThursday. Rest: Rest day could not come soon enough. I am exhausted this week. I am thinking diet is a big part of the problem. Well caloric-ally I am eating enough, for the past 2 weeks I have been making terrible food choices. I am planning to do some research this weekend and get my meal plan on so next week I am making better food choices.


meg at gymFriday: Cross-Train: My long run is tomorrow and it will def feel long since my last long run was two weeks ago. My plan was to gym in the morning but I opted to drink coffee and snuggle Sadie. Eventually, I got up and did a 30 minute at home workout. After work I ventured to the gym for some QT with the elliptical and some strength training.  I forgot socks and a hair elastic which made me seriously consider just skipping the workout but I forged on in my sweaty glory. I stretched and foam rolled A LOT. I am a bit nervous for the 12 miler tomorrow.

12 milerSaturday: 12 Miler: It was below 30 degrees when I woke up and I was sad. This whole week I chose the worst days to run and today would be no different. I waited a couple hours for it to be 32 and ventured how for my 12 miler with medium wieght spandex, a tank top, medium weight hoodie and medium weight jacket. I wore my unerarmour ankle socks whichw ere a splurge at $12 for a pair and the running gloves as well by underarmour. My first mile was 9:30 and I felt good hoping I could keep this pace for the whole run. Mile 2 was just over 10, but hey it was hilly… Each mile seemed to get slower except for a few anomalies in mile 5, 7 and 12. Some miles went by really fast even though time wise they were slow. The sun was out and I felts good finishing not sore at all. I walked a half mile afterwards and then stretched A LOT. I recovered with a smoothie made of banana, frozen strawberry and coconut water. It hit  the spot while I stretched! Surprisingly I was not ravenous despite burning 1600 calories. I ate some homemade chicken nachos before heading out to meet a friend for a spa pedicure- a much deserved reward. I came home to ice and elevate before heading out with KC for a nice date night. We got small plates and a flatbread pizza at Salt in Newcastle. Everything was beyon delicious, especially the bottle of wine we split. We had talked about hitting the town after dinner, but I was way too tired. We ended the night watching Fuller House. So, pretty much my ideal day.

sadie hikeSunday: Cross-Train: My plan had been to go to the gym to strength train. I really did not want to go. So, I conned KC into going on a hike with Sadie and I. Poor Sadie gets neglected when my running increases. I never take her to our special spots for some quality off leash time. The last time I had tried to it was all icy, but since it has been unseasonably warm, I thought I’d give it a go. The trail was pretty clear, a few icy spots that we had to navigate around. When we got deeper into the woods it was a sheet of ice, so we turned around. I would be pissed at myself for spraining my ankle on a dog walk during training. After the puppy excursion KC and I set off on errands. I wanted to go to Marshall’s to get grown-up work shirts. We arrived there just after 10 AM to find out they were not open till 11. My B. We grocery shopped and grabbed coffee while waiting for Marshall’s where I was happy to see I am size small- medium versus a large now. This is nice since the scale does not seem to want to budge. We then feasted at shipyard brewery on soft pretzels, beer cheese and buffalo wings. After, I conned KC once again into walking around downtown Portsmouth since it was so nice out. We grabbed one more beer before heading home.


Definitely need to think about reigning in my eating. It is a STRUGGLE.  I will be out of town Monday-Wednesday which will make my training sched and eating sched more challenging. But I am feeling very determined. I am over feeling tired and hangry all the time so changes need to be made!


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