Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M. Week 6

day 36Monday. 5 miler 6 Miler: So it was really cold again. And I was all bloated from 3 days of drinking copiously and eating ALL the things. Motivation was hard to find, but eventually I did find it. I set off for my 5 miler right around noon. It was a balmy 17 degrees by this point. My first 3 miles were all 9.47 or lower. Mile 4 was exactly 10 min so I picked up the pace. My overall time was still averaging way under 10 min mile and I wanted to finish in under 50 minutes. Then my podcast ended so I switched to spotify. This is when my phone died. Cons to my phone dying: nothing to distract me from how heavy I am breathing or how sore I feel, no outside source telling me I only have a quarter of a mile left so I should pick up the pace, no way to take a picture of my sweaty self. Pros: I focus more on my form and not holding my breath, I wasn’t sure where the run ended so I ran further, I wasn’t worried about my time since there would be no documentation. I did some squats, lunges, bicep curls and tricep dips at home before stretching. My stomach feels off today since I am prob detoxing from all my terrible life choices.

day 37Tuesday. 3 Miler: For the first time in my marathon training I opted to sleep in over running. I am both proud and disappointed. I slept TERRIBLE last night. Maybe because of the plows? Maybe because we slept in the guest room? I am not sure. Either way, I was still wide awake at midnight and woke up at 4 AM. Rather than going out on a terrible, snowy run I opted to sleep in until 7:00 and pack my running stuff at work. It is supposed to be warm today! Like in the 50’s warm!It was raining pretty decently so I suited up in a long sleeve underarmour shirt, my WMUR raincoat, baseball hat and water repellent running tights. I got a few looks from some people at work that I was going running, but I am pretty used to that by now. I was happy when the first mile was under 10 min as I wanted all my splits to be under 10. I was even happier when my second mile was 9.17. I pushed myself hoping to get another 9.17 and was shocked when my watch alerted me I had finished 3 miles in under 28 minutes!!  I could not find the pause button on my applewatch fast enough. I jogged a bit after to a coffee shop where I got a breakfast sandwich with egg whites for lunch. I looked closer at my time and was feeling really proud of the fact that my last mile was actually under 9 minutes. Sure, just barely but it was still under. I would love to run a 5k in 27 minutes one day, and mile 3 made me feel like that is not such a pipe dream.

day 38Wednesday. 3 Miler: The weather was actually quite nice, about 32 degrees. I overdressed for the occasion as 32 degrees does sound freezing but really isn’t when you are running. I was surprised when I almost slipped heading down my driveway. I quickly realized that there was black ice everywhere. I ran 3 careful miles as i def lost my balance in multiple places. I started my run late, so I skipped stretching and vowed to do that and some sort of a strength training routine later in the evening. I geared up to go to work and got into drive when I realized that something was dragging under my car. I assumed I probably ran over a person or something the night previous and begrudgingly looked under the car. It was a plastic covering that was hanging down. I proceeded to call everyone I know for help as I cannot adult. With some help from my neighbor I was able to rig the plastic covering up to my car and drive it to the garage just down the road. I awkwardly approached a man entering the garage about my car and he said “ma’am I don’t work here.” I mean sure I should not have assumed he did, but did he have to ma’am me? I was already having a crappy day. I waited a bit and watched as one dude put my car on the lift and proceeded to fix this with no tools or parts. I was preparing to argue my bill when he charged me $10. I almost tipped the dude. I decided since my day was so traumatic I would work from home the rest of the day. Maybe grab lunch with the work-wife. Such a naive Meg. I received a call from work that a co-worker was locked out of her office and I am the only one with a spare key. I drove to work in my muddied spandex from me crawling around the ground earlier trying to fix my car. It turns out it was good I went into work as there were a few things that needed me to be here to assist with. It was unfortunate that I decided to keep my dirty clothes on as I did not look like the upstanding citizen I like to pretend I am. I ended up working till after 6:30 so I skipped the gym and did a strength training routine at home and lots of stretching.

give me coffeeThursday. Rest: Today I have a nice 13 hour work day. This unfortunately prevents me from going to yoga which is a bummer as I skipped it on Monday because I was feeling cold and unmotivated. I was wicked hangry all day and had my afternoon snack at about 10:30 AM. Prob because I was at work before 7 AM and ate hella early. Work wife and one of our coworkers snuck out of the office for burgers a little after 1 PM. My coworker is a super healthy vegan 90% of the time. She is also 6.5 months pregnant. Watching her eat a bean burger, side of aioli truffle fries and a caramel milk shake with candy was almost as amazing as the cheddar burger with jalapenos and fries I ate. I proud of myself for not finishing my fries. I left work around 7:45 PM. Walked the puppy and made some chicken for dinner. I tried to eat a normal human portion since lunch was a splurge. After tracking my calories I had enough for a glass of wine which I happily drank as I watched fit to fat to fit. It was National Drink Wine Day, which is essentially my highest holiday of the year.

sleepy sadieFriday. Cross-train: I packed my gym bag last night with EVERY intention of going to the gym this morning. The alarm went off and I just couldn’t. Like I legit could not wrap my mind around getting of bed. Sadie was snuggled up against me, I had lots of social media to catch up on, I had a water bottle to hydrate with and Gilmore Girls to watch on Netflix. So, I did. I laid in bed for nearly 2 hours after my alarm went off and truly enjoyed it. Until I panicked about when was I going to cross train. I texted work wife to see if she could stay till 5 PM so I could cut out at 4 and hit the gym before KC gets home. She was very accommodating. Everyone needs a work wife. I did force myself to the gym after work for a good strength training session and 20 minutes on the elliptical. I then ate taco bell. So my priorities are askew.

week 6 day 6Saturday. 7 miler: Today was an important day, my BFFL had a wedding dress appointment and I had this feeling that she would buy a dress. KC and I drove to his parents house on Friday night, so I could wake up early to run before dress shopping. I woke up and did my running prep- not in my home which was different. I was hoping to have a sub 10 min/ mile pace for my run through Wompatuck State Park, but this was not the case. The route was hilly. A couple steep inclines, but mostly lots of little ones; i.e. not a flat a course. It was 7 when I started running and I did not see another soul until mile 3. This was both peaceful and eerie. It was grey and misty out which added to the eeriness as did the the 48 hours on child trafficking I listened to. My average pace was over 10 min miles, which I was surprised at, but the elevation was 50% more than what I do on a typical run. I also find that I have better long runs if I rest the day prior to running which was not the case at all. I was so excited about dress shopping, that I did not beat myself up for the run. And my inkling was right, BFFL bought a dress making it all more than worth it!

week 6 day 7Sunday. Cross-Train 6 miler: Originally my plan was to gym today. It was wicked nice and sunny out when KC and I were  doing errands. I decided I would do my Monday run today. I really wanted the opportunity to run in shorts. I also was planning to drink a decent amount of wine and eat a lot of snacks so running seemed appropriate. My 6 miler was great! The weather was perfect and my pace averaged under 10 min pper mile pace. So I was happy! My time prob would’ve been better if the secondary roads were not a mixture of ice and mud, but regardless I  was happy with my run! I was even happier with all the snacking I did. And wine drinking.


Overall, this week had some highs and lows. I had my best 3 miler in at least 6 months, but probably more. This made me SO happy. Lows were plentiful. I am feeling tubby and like my motivation is waning. I had a much harder time this week getting in early workouts- skipping 2 morning workouts and swapping them for afternoon workouts. I did get them in and that is what really matters, but, at the same time this will be my lightest week of training from now until May 15th. After this week I will no longer have a long weekend run in the single digits. After this week my weekday long run also increases. In a couple weeks my 3 milers increase as well. Part of me is weirdly excited for the challenge and the prospect to eat more since my mileage will be increasing, the other part is looking into an adderall prescription to get me some energy.



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