Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M. Week 4

5 miler 2Monday. 5 Miler- Today was absolutely beautiful out! I started my run around 10 AM and it was 56 degrees out! I had no idea how to dress as my most recent runs it has been 30 degrees colder or worse. I wore capris and a long sleeve light-weight shirt and it was perfect. My 5 miler went pretty well, the first mile was my fastest in a long, long time. But the rest were slowed compared to Saturdays triumphant run.But whatevs, it was still a pretty good time. I am RAVENOUS today, Can’t stop, won’t stop eating. Especially carbs. I went on an extra dog walk to counteract my hunger and did an extra yoga routine. But yeah still hangry. Hopefully I will feel less hungry tomorrow!

3.1 milerTuesday. 3.1 Miler- It was so light out for my early AM run! I was  stoked to barely need my reflective gear or headlamp. The weather was also in the mid 30’s, which is balmy for a pre 7 AM run. Feels like Spring, despite being early February. The meteorologist let me know that a cold front would be moving in next week, so I’ll be sure to enjoy it. Lots of people around me are sick and I woke up feeling a bit congested so I drank lots of water today, some echanacia tea and did two shots of elderberry syrup. Legit took it like a shot. Eyes watering and everything. I do feel better than I did this morning so thanks, work-wife! Wicked hungry yet again today. I may need to start having 2 protein shakes a day or making a snack of chicken breasts  I can gnaw on throughout the day. I did a brief at home strength training routine before dinner, which was left over taco pizza. And I stretched through Pretty Little Liars #winning

day 24Wednesday. 3 Miler- Because of flexing my running sched, this will be my last during the week run. My next run wont be until my 9 miler on Saturday so I really did try to give it my all. A  tempo run if you will. Mile 2 which was the hilliest of the miles, also had some slower songs. I way slow downed but am overall super happy with this tempo run.



buy me tacosThursday. Cross-Training. After work I hit the gym for some strength training and yoga. I really am loving this yoga class! The teacher is wicked chill, yet funny. I feel like I am geting a good workout, yet also I leave feeling relaxed. My balance really sucks- a judgement I know, and the practice is my own blah blah blah. But I would like to improve on my balance. Myself and a 60 year old dude use the ballet bar in the back to help us balance. #nojudgements. I took no photos to document this, so I have this gem of wisdom as we had tacos for dinner.



snow dayFriday. Rest Day- I am really digging my new sched and having Fridays as a rest day. Today felt less than restful, as a snow storm blew in. My amazing husband brought me to work since I am a baby about driving in the snow. Because of this I arrived at work at 6:30 AM. I shoveled a bit at work and was pretty exhausted by the time I got home. KC and I grabbed dinner in town. I didn’t eat all my fries so I called that a win. I was happy to come home after dinner and fall asleep on the couch to the sounds of netflix.

day 27 9 milerSaturday. 9 Miler- KC had to work allllll weekend. So we got up at a decent hour to go grab breakfast before KC set off for his 12 hour work day. I never eat a big meal before a run, but today I did. I had a pretzel bun, bacon, cheese and I removed the egg. I am off of eggs this week. I let the breakfast sammie digest for a little over an hour and set off for my 9 miler. I downloaded some “podcasts”. Have you head of these? It is like TV for your ears. It was glorious! I listened to “This American Life” and “Detective”. Detective is Lieutenant Joe Kenda, homicide hunter, my fave show ever. The run really flew by! I truly enjoyed it and felt good when it was over. When I got the alert of mile 7, I was shocked. I have not had a run this “easy” in awhile. After my run I stretched, iced, elevated, called a million massage therapists, gave up and went for a pedicure. I thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure. I wish I could get a pedicure daily. After my mall trip I went to work wife’s for BBQ food. I was excited to pig out and saddened that we had to go pick up the food. Should have had a snack… The food was glorious! The brisket, the cornbread, the mac and cheese… You have no idea. I ate so much.  I regret not eating more.

day 28Sunday. Cross-Training- Poor KC got home at 1 AM and left for work again before 9 AM. I was sad to see him go. We are pretty attached at the hip on the weekends. I went to the gym for strength training. It was a struggle to get motivated but the workout went well. I went to go grocery shopping. The parking lot  was insane, so I went to Ulta to get a mani and a couple hundred dollars worth of make-up; because avoidance is a coping skill. Unfortunately, after my mani and and manic shopping spree, Market Basket was even worse. Luckily there was a woman giving out free samples of hard soda, I conned her in to giving me two of each. The majority of people at MB were is good spirits and laughing at the ridiculousness of the crowded aisles and long checkout lines. Others were pissed and abandoning carts full of perishable food. Dicks. I got home and feasted on sushi and had a beer. Then I watched fit to fat to fit on A&E and I am addicted! I watched all three episodes on-demand. I felt exhausted so I did what any rational human would do and ate all the snacks. I forced myself to take Sadie out for a nice long walk. Unfortunately Sadie saw a squirrel and legit ripped my middle nail off, completely. So I have it held on with a band-aid. I ate all the food and drank all the wine with KC and watched the Superbowl. I was quite happy to have him home even if my middle finger is now deformed.

4 weeks of training in the books! 75 miles ran. I am still feeling really motivated! Hoping I will still be feeling this way a month from now!


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