Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M Week 2

Monday. Rest Day. Normally I will not  be having Monday as my rest day. It screws me all up. But because of having to switch my run and cross-training around, today became a rest day. And because I already had a hair appt and nail appt scheduled, I embraced it. Twas’ a real treat yo self day complete with a pedicure and the best calf massage I have ever had. I awkwardly watched “One Life to Live” trying my hardest not to moan or propose marriage to the man massaging my feet and calves. Best $35 I have ever spent.

day 9Tuesday. 3 miler. It was legit negative 3 when I set out for my run… late. I was snuggling with Sadie drinking warm coffee watching the weather and waiting for the meteorologist to tell me that it was magically much warmer even though the sun was not out. The winds were actually getting stronger, so delaying my run made little sense. The cross-winds were strong and my miles felt slow, but they actually were about 10 min/ mile each which is where I want them. I got an added bonus when I had to carry Sadie home after our walk as her little feet had froze. She was grateful.  After dinner I did  #allthestretching

day 10Wednesday. 3 miler. Well today the windchill was above 0, so that was great. It was still pretty fucking cold, but I have this layering thing down to a science. I usually end up taking my gloves off half way through as running does warm you up. I went a different route this AM, as last night I read this article written by a runner about how I was surely going to die on my morning run. Some of her advice was solid, but some I am choosing to ignore. I posted my own opinion on how to run safely here. The route I chose was much more slippery then my regular route as most of the road is a dirt road, so there was a lot of snow and ice still on it. I thought it would significantly impact my time, and my second mile which was all on this terrain was my slowest, but overall my time was roughly the same as yesterday. This route was a little longer so I ended up running an extra quarter mile to get home. My motivation was food, as I was pretty ravenous before I ran.

day 11Thursday. 3 miler. I had to be at work at 7 AM which is usually when I am about 1.5 miles into a run, so I had to start my run at around 5 AM… I was not stoked about this. It was WICKED dark out. I freaked myself out into thinking I was going to get hit by a car or mauled by a bear so I decided that I would run downtown which has lots of street lights. It was so fucking early that  the breakfast place (which smelled like heaven wrapped in cinnamon) was not even open yet. I never run this way so it was hard to make it a 3 mile loop and I ended up having to run past my apartment which i haaaate. But it was good and I felt pretty bad ass being done with my workout before 6 AM. My plan had been to go to yoga after my chiropractic appointment but I decided to just do my I own stretches at home. Mostly because I did not want to brave the elements again.

7 milerFriday. 7 miler. Snow disrupted my initial weekend plans, but because I am as flexible as Gumby; I made some changes. I decided to work from home so I could run, then hang out in my running clothes well icing my old, old knees. I started my run after sun rise so I would not have to wear reflective gear or my head lamp. It felt colder than the previous days even though it definitely wasn’t. My run was so good! Lots of hills and I was within my target pace of (between 10-11 minutes). There were a couple points where I needed to talk to myself into continuing running- the usual. I was really stoked about mile 7 as it was as fast as mile 1. I purposefully pushed it this mile, especially the last quarter of a mile and I am glad my time demonstrated this. I followed up with ALL the stretching and a protein shake. Icing my knees was a savior! I headed down to the Cape to see my BFFL, Meg on Friday evening. I was worried I was going to be stiff after being in the car for 3 hours but I actually felt really good! I ate and drank alllllll the things Friday night! Fajitas, oreos, champagne and even fireball shots. Even though I was up at 5 AM and ran 7 miles, I still managed to stay up past 2 AM to party with some of my fave ladies.

rest daySaturday. Rest. Rest feels like it is not the right word… I was up for 7 AM to get ready to go bridal dress shopping with Meg and the other bridesmaids! Our appointment was at 9 AM because of the impending snow. I woke up feeling rough despite drinking all the water. After a shower, more water and a large hot coffee I was feeling better but still tired. I perked up at the appointment though! Meg tried on a bunch of dresses and of course they all looked amazing on her as she is a real life Barbie. We left the shop empty handed but with a better idea of what type of dress Meg wants. We refueled at Panera before all going our separate ways ahead of the blizzard. I had a 3 hour ride ahead of me but I was really excited to see KC! We decided to go out for some Mexican, because he looooooves me. I had 2 margs and we split 2 apps before coming home to watch a documentary on Netflix. Yeah I am hella old. I was in bed around 10 PM.

strength training megSunday. Cross-training. I really did not want to workout today. I spent a good 2 hours on the couch drinking water and coffee, talking myself into the gym. I did the whole “Just go for 10 minutes and head home if you’re not feeling it.” I geared up and took Sadie out with KC before heading to the gym. I ended up having a wicked good workout! I did my whole strength training regimen with a few extra reps. KC was having a shitty morning with work and our plan was to go grocery shopping since there is not a ton in the house so I offered to take him out for lunch to perk his day up. After lunch, we did adult and go grocery shopping before heading home to watch the Pats and for me to do a ton of stretching.

Week 2 was good! I am very pleased that even with early work starts I was able to get my workouts in. I definitely indulged more with  food and drink this weekend than last, but that’s okay. I am still  working on this balance thing. I am pretty “perfect” Monday-Thursday (usually Friday too but there was special circumstances!) so I think indulging on the weekends is ok. Even with my indulgences I was only over my caloric allotment one day. If I am not losing lbs, and not getting where I want, I will adjust. I am interested to see if I can get the results I am looking for while indulging on the weekends…


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