Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M Week 16

So here I am beginning my taper. I remember reading about this and looking forward to running fewer miles. Now that it is here I am feeling anxious and hangry. What is I lose my fitness level the next three weeks? What if I continue to eat like I am running 20 miles a day? I have found lots of helpful articles assuring me I will not lose my fitness. That right now my body is repairing itself because of all the damage I have done to it. Still feels weird.

Monday, rest day- I usually have Mondays off from work so I usually do my midweek long run on Mondays. I had to work, and I my right arm was REALLY sore from a combo of working out and sleeping on it that rest seemed to make the most sense. I was cranky all day, mostly from my arm soreness. Picking things up and getting dressed was quite uncomfy and made me very bitchy. KC kindly agreed to cook dinner, which was tasty and very much appreciated. I went to bed at 9 AM to get some extra sleep as that seems to be an important part of tapering.

5 milerTuesday, 5 miler- For the next 3 weeks I want to try to follow my running plan to the T. So rather than varying up when I do my weekly runs, I am doing them in order. So today I set out to do 5  miles. It was raw, rainy and a couple of snow flakes, but it was fine. My time was under 10 min/ mile which is all I am really striving for during these shorter taper runs. I was hungry before my run, and ravenous after. This week I am supposed to be focusing on eating protein. I was far too hungry to wait for an egg to cook so I had a bowl of cereal with almond milk. My other goal is to stay very hydrated so before work I had 1.5 bottles of water, a vitamin water and 2 cups of coffee. Before 10:30 AM I had peed 5 times. You’re welcome bladder.

9 milerWednesday, 9 miler- I ran to work today for my 9 miler. I was once again slow to motivate. These 30 degree mornings in late April are beyond cruel. I started my run after 7:20 AM. I finished Bossy pants right around mile 1 which was sad. Books on tape have legit made a world of difference in my running. I switched to a 2 part 48 hours podcast on a woman who murdered her on again off again boyfriend, but claimed self defense. She shot the dude 6 times… he was seated… I prob would have gone insanity plea OR at the very least trashed the apartment to make it seem like there had been a struggle. These are things I think about on 9 mile runs. Around mile 6 I had quite the strain/ tightness in my right glute/ass cheek. My next few miles were slow with a slight rebound on mile 8. I rewarded myself with a delicious scone and ice coffee with the money KC gave me since I had left my wallet at work. See, I would never have to murder KC, that dude gives me scone money. THAT is love.

4 milerThursday, 4 miler- I was off from work today to head down to Foxwoods Casino with the husband, mother, brother, brother’s GF and her family. Sooo I wanted to sleep in but unfortunately had to get up at a decent hour to get my run in. I did a nice 4 miler and felt good after. We had a hectic morning of getting Sadie to doggy daycare before going to pick my mom up. After listening to  multiple true crime podcasts, I gave my mom a break and we listened to This American Life. We got to Foxwoods just in time for lunch before hitting the table to gamble. KC and I lost SO much money SO quickly. It was depressing AF. After some free dranks, wallowing and losing some more money we headed to grab dinner with my brother’s GF’s parents. Michael and Colleen were not coming until later, so we feasted at the all you can eat buffet without them. I vowed to make my money back here. I skipped the salad that would just fill me up and hit the Italy station like a starving teenage boy after soccer practice would. Though I was full I made myself an ice cream sundae with soft serve for dessert before throwing in the towel. Eventually Michael and Colleen arrived, and we were able to check in to our rooms in Michael’s name. We gambled/ lost some more before turning to drinking copiously.

Friday, Rest- We ate a lot, drank minimally and walked moderately. All in all a succesful day, despite losing additional money. The big win of the day was racing back to NH to get Sadie 3 minutes before doggy day care closed #winning. KC and I rounded out are evening by watching bad television and eating more food.

12 milerSaturday, 12-14 miler- i I woke up hangry and had limited food option in the house. I did not want to eat my fiber-ful cereal for obvious reasons, and I  did not have the makings for a smoothie so I decided to eat half a bag of tortilla chips and a bag of salsa… So my run was a bit slow. I dressed in my marathon outfit. It was chiller than what the outfit warranted. And though the shorts are cute, I do not feel totally comfortable in them as they are quite short. It was good I tried them out on a  longer run as it made me realize I want to wear my longer shorts so that I feel more comfortable- even though these shorts are cuter. I’ll save those for a summery 5K! After the run I went for my first ever deep tissue massage. The massage therapist was a male which was also a first. Now, this is my 4th massage ever so I am obv an expert. Deep tissue massage is a way different experience than previous massages. At times it was definitely uncomfortable, not necessarily painful but definitely not relaxing. I had to ask him once to apply less pressure which I struggled to do as I felt like hey he knows what he is doing… but he had instructed me to let him know about how the pressure was. I felt great afterwards! No soreness or muscle tension at all. After the massage I grabbed KC and we headed to work wife’s house for a little BBQ and fire. Since all my friends are now in their 30s and most have kids they were about to eat when I arrived at 6:30 aka I had perfect timing as I got all the food without helping at all. We randomly did a shot of a disgusting vodka like substance that work wife  picked up in Iceland. The shot did keep us warm around the fire though.

Sunday, Cross-train– I am an idiot. I did not set an alarm as I decided sleep was paramount. In my head I knew I had a meeting with a running coach but I thought it was at 11 AM. Turns out it was at 10:30 AM. So me sleeping till 8:30 AM and then watching Friends for an hour left no time for PiYo. I quickly got ready for the meeting, showering then putting on a cute running outfit so he would know I was in fact a runner- cause in my street clothes I just look like a tubby Irish lass. I met with Mike from No Finish-line Running. A friend of mine is part of one of his running groups. I expressed an interest in joining as I want to improve my running and maybe meet some running friends which lead me to setting up an appointment to chat with Mike, CEO of NFLR. We chatted for almost 2 hours about marathons, training, stretching, fueling and strength training. I love talking about running and am lucky to have friends and families nod along politely and ask a follow-up question or 2, but rarely do I get the chance to talk to someone who has an expertise on running. Mike and his crew have various packages for training programs. And I am thinking after the Marathon (in 2 weeks- YIKES!) I will sign up for one of the packages. I really want to get faster/ take my running to the next level and I do not think I have the discipline or the knowledge to do that solo. The rest of my Sunday was spent eating and watching movies. Great end to a great weekend!


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