Runnah Girl Goes H.A.M. Week 15

Hello! How are you all doing? I am great. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I am 15 weeks into my training somehow. A big part of me is disappointed that I am not 30 lbs lighter as I had secretly hoped I would lose 2 lbs per week with all this running and be a skinny-mini on marathon day. Maybe eating copious amounts of tortilla chips and ice cream was not the best for this goal. No one will ever know.

Here is a re-cap of this week.

monday 10 milerMonday, 10 miler- Today was the Boston Marathon! I got up and began watching all the coverage. I actually altered my schedule for the day so I could see each of the wave start, went grocery shopping and came home to watch the elites finish (while I ate supermarket sushi and drank ice coffee). There is something about Boston Marathon that is so unique and special. Maybe it is all the spectators- 50% who are wasted, but genuinely excited. Maybe it is all the international runners. Maybe it’s that until the age of 18 I had no idea there were other marathons outside of Boston. Watching the marathon this year meant more to me. I knew how hard all of those runners trained to get there. To BQ is truly special. I have nothing but awe. Despite feeling inspired, it was hard to get my sushi filled belly off of the couch to get my 10 miles in. I delayed this process by doing some work and cleaning the house, but eventually made it out for a sunny run. My time was not great, again. I averaged just under 11 minutes per mile and walked up 2 hills. I drank all of my water before getting home. I stretched well and shrugged it off and made peace with the idea that I would be satisfied with a 5 hour marathon.

red soxTuesday– Sooo I planned to run at work but then randomly got tickets to a Sox game. I obv did not want to go to the game sweaty, so I decided to post-pone my run till Wednesday. My exercise consisted of 2 dog walks, running to Fenway from our $20 lot in east-bum and carrying multiple overly priced beers up the stairs like a champ.

Wednesday- Since I got home at midnight after watching the Sox lose from the best seats I have ever had, I decided to run at work. Unfortunately this being my first week back to work after vacation, this did not happen. I ended up working till after sunset and skipped my run AGAIN.

thursday 5 milerThursday, 5 miler– I arrived to work in my running clothes- no excuses today. I did a couple of hours of work and waited for another staff member to get in before I set out for my 5 miler. The weather was warm, but not too warm. I love running in shorts soooo much. My first mile was 9.16 and my 5th was a 9.05. The mile sin the middle were less impressive but I was stoked with my overall time! All of my runs since Aruba had been terrible, finally a good run!

chicken primaveraFriday- I really was supposed to have another 5 mile run this week. But, every article I found said not to run the day before a long run. Rest was more important. This is often a difficult concept for me. So I changed into my running clothes and texted KC for his opinion. He advised against it, so I decided I would skip. Friday was spent prepping for Saturday/ the marathon. I researched what to eat the night before. Every article said to eat what you typically would eat the night before a long run. I thought back to the meals I have eaten the night before a long run:

-6-12 sushi rolls

-1/2 a Digorno frozen pizza

-BBQ Pork Quesadilla with fries

-Burger and fries


Hmmm… maybe I should have been more consistent? Maybe I should see a nutritionist too, but there are no time for these things. I decided to get a pasta primavera at a local restaurant. It came with chicken, no cheese, rigatoni and lots of veggies. I had a salad too- which I prob wont the night before the race as everything  I read advises against having a lot of fiber. I had 2 glasses of wine, PB filled pretzels and a Greek yogurt too… I really should probably see someone about how much I eat.

20 miler prepSaturday, 20 Miler- I woke up at 6 AM with the plan to start my run at 8 AM. I am almost 30 now so I like to have lots of awake time before starting exercise. I lounged on the couch, had a bowl of honey bunches of oat with almond milk, a Gatorade, a water and a cup of coffee. I then peed like 6 times. My marathon outfit was dirty from Aruba. Someone had not done laundry yet (cough… KC…cough) so I wore the most similar outfit I had, underarmour spandex shorts and a tank in the same fabric. I delayed my run by 30 minutes since it was raining and it was supposed to clear up. I didn’t want to delay it any longer so I set off. I regretted not wearing a long sleeve as I got wet and cold pretty early on. This also made me run faster

1. I felt like a loser for being so naked when it was in the 50’s out and

2. I was fucking cold.

20 milerI ran 13 miles, then stopped at home for a bathroom break (thanks Ant Flo! you best pack up and leave before the marathon!) and a handful of PB filled pretzels, as those will be on the course. I ended up eating 2 Gu’s one at mile 5, one at mile 15. I also had my energy chews at mile 10 and 17. The new ones I ordered were ironically sitting at my door when I returned from my run. I struggled on the hilly portion of the course miles 15-17, redeemed myself for 18 and then struggled for 19 and 20. I took a short walk break somewhere on mile 19 to have some water. My time averaged out to be 10.19/ mile- which would be a dream marathon pace. That would put me right around the 4.30 marathon pace. Now what I am struggling with-is it okay that my miles vary from 9.15-11.19s? Should I accept this for this race or should I try to run more even? The rest of Saturday was busy! We saw our friends Jill and Dave at a local brewery for a quick beer. After that we headed to my friends’ Heather and Rich’s 30th birthday party! We got home late and immediately crashed.

sunday workoutSunday, cross-train– I slept in! I slept till after 8 AM! KC kindly walked Sadie for me so I could rest which I very much appreciated. We had a leisurely morning before going to the gym for strength training… I had not gone to the gym since prior to the auction and I did not want a whole month to pass with no weights. Lifting was a struggle… But I felt okay after I was done. KC and I feasted and drank all day in Portsmouth after- very fun!


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