Rainy Day Running

hocus pocus another glorious morningToday, I woke up early with every intention of running before heading into work to catch up on a few million things. As I sipped on my first cup of coffee, and watched the rain come down I debated whether I should go or not. As Sadie, lazily stretched and snuggled in, I made the call that I would not go running today.

In the moment it feels like such a good idea. A reasonable idea at that. I mean it is raining. I could slip and fall. I could catch a cold or worse, I could be splashed by a gross mud puddle when some a-hole driver refuses to slow down. Drinking coffee and watching GMA seems like a better AND safer choice. I mean safety first, right?


If I am being honest with myself though, I could easily go running. I own a really nice Northface jacket with a hood that is completely waterproof. I own 2 pairs of Underarmour running tights that are water repellent. I have old running sneakers and socks. It is feasible. But it doesn’t sound fun. So, I didn’t do it.

Instead, I went to buy a coffee before work, where I realized I did not have my wallet. The wicked nice coffee girl/ barista/ college student let me have it anyways (seems like I am being rewarded for my laziness, amirite?) I did tell her I would pay for it after I got said wallet and that I frequent this coffee hut, and she responded “I know, you’re here all the time. I am not worried about it. I seriously would just throw it away so you might as well have it.” Best. Day. Ever.

I went into work, got some work done, now headed to have lunch with my mom and buy some new running sneakers (My B-Day present, I am the master at stretching my b-day, 3 weeks bitches!) Again, it’s like being rewarded for my laziness.

I get that laziness is all relative, the majority of my friends and family think it is crazy how much I workout and would never use the word “lazy” to describe me. And I am going to the gym later to strength train. And at the gym, I will lift, only changing the weights on the bar twice- despite prob being able to go up on my chest  press weight but that would require changing the weights 3 times-because I am kind of lazy… Kind of like how I know I really could have pulled it together and gone for a run this AM, and probably would have had a better day.

I'm looking at you, working moms!
I’m looking at you, working moms!

Sometimes I feel like I am way too easy on myself and quick to make an excuse to get out of working out or making a healthy eating choice. It is obv WAY easier to not workout just as it is WAY easier to have taquitos and buffalo wings for supper than preparing a healthy well balanced meal. Other times, I feel like I am way too hard on myself. I work out 5-6 times a week. I eat healthy 80% of the time (at least 75% of the time…) so don’t I deserve to sleep-in?

Are you too hard on yourself? Or are you one to make excuses? And more importantly, how many  taquitos are too many taquitos?


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