Pre – Training Week in Review

My plan is to track my training workouts each week- though some will prob be daily if I am super pumped or more than likely super frustrated. This is for a few reasons:

  1. To hold me accountable. I have been in a running rut and I think if I know I have to dont quit write about it I will be more likely to do it.
  2. To help others who are training to run their first marathon. Let’s celebrate our triumphs together! Share smoothie recipes and recovery tips. Let’s also hang out on Friday nights in yoga pants not drinking wine and turn in at 9:30 PM together… i mean not sleep together… the hang out together part.
  3. To help me track my good and bad runs. Do I always run shitty on Wednesdays? Do I run better after I eat? I want to be able to figure out what is and is not working.
  4. To have evidence of this journey. I recently emailed one of KC’s co-workers who has run multiple marathons  including Boston. His advice to me was that everyone makes a big deal about the marathon but it is the training that is the hardest part. I want to have memories and documentation of all the hard work I will be putting in to this.

Ok so now on to this pre- training week of workouts!

Monday- Weight lifting and dog walking

I am off on Mondays and spent Sunday finishing a half a pan of champagne Jell-o shots. So Monday, I slept in and watched Parks & Rec in bed with Sadie till almost 10 AM. Sadie and I headed out for a chilly walk. She was not happy about it initially but eventually she seemed ok with being outside. I went to the gym and did dead lifts, bench presses, bicep curls and used the nautilus equipment for about 45 minutes.

My winter running cheat sheet
My winter running cheat sheet

Tuesday- 3 mile run

I forced in a 3 miler in about 30 minutes and felt like I was dying. My first mile was 9.30 but the rest were 10.12. I felt terrible about myself and had an epiphany. I should run a marathon and get back into shape so I never feel this way again. I spent a big chunk of my day researching races and marathon training plans. I discussed the deets with husband over spaghetti & meatballs,  9 oz of wine and 4 bread-sticks at the OG. (Olive Garden… get with it people.)

Wednesday- stretching (home sick)

I woke up and felt terrible (again). I blamed the OG which I hate to do as the OG understands me the way that a BFF does. I checked my temp and had a slight fever so I apologized to the OG. After napping a lot and taking some tylenol I resumed my research on marthon training. I selected the Hal Higdon Novice 1 plan and added all the runs to my planned. #oldschool. I then registered for the Shipyard Maine Coast Marathon to make it real real.

Thursday- 2 miles on the elliptical and 75 minutes of yoga

Felt better in the AM but groggy AF. So I packed my gym bag for yoga at 6:30 PM. I was super productive and able to leave work earlier than anticipated so I wanted to run at the gym prior to yoga. I had brough a yoga sports bra not a running sports bra so I had to go home first #bigbreastedprobs By the time I got to the gym I barely had time for a run so I did 2 miles on the elliptical. Yoga was AWESOME! And by awesome I mean equal parts challenging and relaxing. I am going to try to go at least once per week.

meg runFriday- 3 miles and lots of stretching

I woke up at 5:30 AM. Had some water, coffee and did some work. Then I geared up for my run in the dark. I was feeling excited and kind of badass, TBH. BUT- I hit a road block when my head lantern had not batteries. So I walked Sadie in the dark and waited until 7 AM to start my run when the sun is actually kind of out. I still wore my sexy ass vest though. I just ordered a new reflective shirt as well as more high endurance sport bras. So next week during training week 1 I’ll be BALLING!

Saturday- 5 miles and lots of stretching

Love the feeling after a run is done!!
Love the feeling after a run is done!!

I set my alarm for 7:30 AM so I could have a leisurely morning of coffee, stretching and Netflix. This dream was actualized. I also ate vitatop muffin as I woke up hangry. I set out at about 9 AM for my run. It was snowing lightly and about 34 degrees out. It was actually quite lovely! I wore 2 shitty sports bras that I bought at Marshall’s last night (I was out and KC was doing laundry today- this is a whole other blog post), a tank top with a built in bra, a medium weigh long sleeve shirt,  a medium weight running jacket, medium weight running tights and a knit winter hat. I prob could have worn a lighter jacket as I did get kind of warm.  I started off mile 1 slow as kind of a warm up and my plan was to speed up for mile 2, but the road was pretty slick and i lost my footing at one point and got really nervous so mile 2 ended up being my slowest and mile 4 my fastest. My goal is to run the marathon in 10.30-11 min splits so this run was pretty on target which is AWESOME. What was disheartening was how challenging it felt. I refueled with vegan chocolate shakeology, a 1/2 c of blueberries, quarter of a cup of spinach and 1 c of almond milk. Normally I would have added ice but we had empty trays in our freezer… awesome.

Sunday-  Long Sadie walk and stretching

Tomorrow is my rest day. I am planning to take Sadie on a long walk and to do tons of stretching. Monday I start the official training plan so I want to start the week off loose and ready!


(Hard as A Marathoner, no a MF or both actually)
(Hard as A Marathoner, no a MF or both actually)

What should I call my marathon journey posts?

Meg’s Marathon Journey Week _____

Runnah Girl goes H.A.M Week _____


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