Pie Day

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Where the hell did 2014 go? Judging by the amount of empty wine bottles I have saved up, I am going to say it went down easy and smooth.


When I was a kid I was not a big fan of Thanksgiving. I was quite the picky eater so the food was not a big draw for me. There were no presents. There were awkward hugs between family members I saw infrequently.

We are not a family of huggers...
We are not a family of huggers…

Over the past 10 years or so, I have truly begun to look forward to Thanksgiving. And for me, Thanksgiving begins on the Wednesday before known  as Pie Day.


Pie Day is not a day where you eat pies but rather a day you make dozens of pies. My mom, brother and I go to my Aunt’s house where we meet up with many of my first cousins, their friends, significant others, randoms from the neighborhood- whoever; and we all make pies.

later i shall have pie

My aunt is the Pie guru or goddess. She helps all of us craft delicious pies that we then bring to our different destinations. We also make pecan rolls and drink wine. So, in my mind, it is almost better than Thanksgiving. You get to wear comfy clothes the house smells amazing, and everyone is buzzed from day drinking wine relaxed. It is lovely!

wine in the afternoon

Enjoy the holidays. Indulge a little. Don’t count calories. Don’t binge. Get in some exercise, do a turkey trot, go for a walk with the fam after dinner. One day of not counting calories, indulging etc. Won’t undo all the good you have been doing. Just like one day of eating healthy wont undo a year of going overboard.

Or Thanksgiving... or any holiday... or weekend? No?
Or Thanksgiving… or any holiday… or weekend? No?

Then get your ass to the gym on Friday morning!


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