Please notice that is STILL  dark out.
Please notice that is STILL dark out.

I was walking into the gym just a couple minutes after 5:30. I was feeling pretty good about myself…Ya know, it being below freezing and still managed to pull myself out of my warm bed with my cuddly puppy and getting in a good work out.

I had to be at work before 7AM today so I showered at work, because I do that, like it is normal.

I was surprised to find that I had not packed pants. Surprised and annoyed. But I had minimal ways to get myself pants as I was the only one at work and unable to leave since I was the only one on duty.

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I texted an SOS to my BF who was already at work 45 minutes away. I also sent a text to my work wife, who I have not heard back from. I assume her reaction would have been “HAHA and what kind of underwear are you wearing?”

Everybody come and see how good I look!
Everybody come and see how good I look!

I am kind of lucky (as lucky as anyone can be when they forget their pants). I work next door to a thrift store that I have access to. So I did the logical thing and left a note saying I had forgotten my pants and left them $4 for the ill-fitting jeans I had to buy.

I expect to have many people ask me when the baby is due today.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


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