New Year and a New Meg

2015 is here! This is MY year. I can feel it.

ronburgandy come see how good i look

In 2015, I am going to be marrying my best friend. It still feels really surreal. This past weekend I went to pick up my veil and KC and I  secured some pretty bad ass (and by bad ass, I mean wicked classy) chair covers.

The fact that the wedding is this year means no more messing around. I have a vision of how I want to look on my wedding day. More importantly how I want to feel on my wedding day.

my emotions

I want to feel confident. I do not want to be worrying about back fat spilling over the back of my dress or whether I need to pop a skinny arm.

I want to feel beautiful. I do not want to worry about a breakout because I have been eating lots of sugary foods.

well rounded

I want to feel proud. I do not want 10-2-2015 to arrive and for me to think, I could have done more. Like, my arms could be more toned or my booty could pop more. I want to feel like I did all I could and then some.

I want to feel happy. KC is the love of my life. He shovels out my car, rubs my shoulders, laughs at my jokes and will do anything  to make me smile. I am truly lucky.  I want to drink in the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding day. I want to truly just be able to enjoy all it has to offer.

SOOOO back on track this week with eating and workouts! My goals for this week:

1. No drinking wine on weekdays 🙁 It pains me. But I think if I cut out weekday drinking I will prob lose all the weight I need to for the wedding… RIP Pinot Noir. You’ve truly been a faithful companion during all my fave shows, and least fave shows. Thank you  for preventing me from going on a murderous rampage when work was going terrible. drinking is work related

2. Double sessions. AM workouts and PM workouts. Even if both are small. Just to get my metabolism spiking multiple times a day.

3. Get 10,000 steps in a day. Tear myself away from my desk and go up and down the stairs, lunch time runs/ walks, walking around my living room at 10PM at night, whatever it takes to get my steps in. Whatever  it takes!

4. Eat under 1600 calories per day. Part of my problem is I eat SOOOO much. Like seriously, I can eat 2000 calories for dinner and still have dessert. So making more mindful meal choices and eating what is more acceptable for someone of my stature.

5. Drink more water! I had been really good about getting my water in, but over my vaca I subbed out water for bailey’s and my skin is mad about it. My liver prob is upset too.

water meme

What are your goals to get back on track after the holidays?




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