Motivation are you listening? It’s me Margaret.

Everybody read Judy Blume growing up, right? So the title is relevant? Do teens still read Judy Blume, maybe an updated version that swaps out records for iPhones? Because TBH some of those references were a stretch even when I was young.

Anywho, I wanted to chat about motivation. Mostly because mine has been very inconsistent over the last 29 weeks.

My main motivation for running has always been and will always be food. This probably makes me a very primitive creature. I see those memes all the time, “You’re not a dog, don’t reward yourself with food.” Cue my eye roll.

  1. No shit I am not a dog. Do you see someone feeding me all my meals? Picking up my shit? Offering me praise and cuddles. No, no you do not.
  2. Dogs don’t reward themselves with food, we do that to them. If dogs could choose a reward it would prob be more outdoor time or snuggles on the couch. They would just eat themselves into oblivion in this scenario.

Now that I am rewarding myself with food for putting on pants that aren’t leggings and not crying while picking out cribs at Babies R’ Us, I have lost that motivation.

My second motivation has always been to increase my fitness. To get better, faster, stronger, run longer. Seeing the progress really kept me going. Even when I would have an off day where I would feel discouraged in that moment, I would tell myself next time I will crush it.

Because my life often relates to Kanye lyrics

I am also not in a place where I am going to be gaining a whole lot of fitness. Running 8.30 splits while 29 weeks pregnant just is not in the cards for me unfortunately.

So, what is my motivation? What keeps me going?

  1. Fear- I worry that I will gain 80 lbs this pregnancy like a celebrity does but not have a team of trainers and chefs to get me back down to my normal size. I worry that labor is going to hurt SOOO fucking bad and the more physical fitness I have the better off I am.
  2. Stress relief- My job is pretty stressful. I can no longer drink wine so that leaves very few options for me to unwind. Exercise gives me a good euphoric feeling afterwards and a sense of accomplishment/ pride. The workout itself and the lead up can be stressful so I often have to self talk “you’ll feel so much better when this is done”
  3. Wanting to “maintain”- Maintaining my weight is not possible. Maintaining the level of fitness I was at is not possible but I don’t want to lose everything either. So, I keep moving- slowly but surely so hopefully post baby I will have an easier time getting back into shape.
  4. Labor is scary- I am terrified of birthing a baby, so I guess this piggy backs on fear. I hear that if you are in better shape labor will be easier? Easier may be too strong… but I hear that being in shape can make labor go smoother. So I have been doing my squats and prenatal yoga. I am not someone who ┬ánecessarily wants a natural birth- if that is you, you go girl. I am also not 100% on this epidural thing- again if that is you, you do you. It’s not that I am completely masochistic and want the pain; it is more that I am someone who likes to move around and word on the street is post epidural I will be bed bound.
  5. High Blood Pressure runs in my family- I had a brief bout of HBP in grad school. My diet was terrible, I was drinking tons of coffee, I was waiting tables 30 hours/ week in addition to being in school FT and having a PT internship, I was not in a healthy relationship- my BP was feeling the effects. It scared me so I made some lifestyle changes. Since then my BP has been good. In pregnancy, HBP can lead to complications like pre-eclampsia which is dangerous for baby and me. Keeping my BP under control is very important to me.

Sooo for these reasons and prob more that my pregnancy brain is forgetting I am trying to stay in the best shape possible. What keeps you motivated? Especially when your old standbys are gone?



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