Mondays are for Meltdowns

Another summer weekend in the books. Mine was filled with family time, baby showers, a 30th birthday fiesta, year old’s b-day extravaganza and a fantasy football draft (translation many pumpkin flavored beers and oso many cheeseburgers) . In addition to that, I had a 5.5 mile run and 2 strength training workouts, some fun financial reports to go over and that thing I like to call sleep…

Me this morning...
Me this morning…

I love being busy, I really do. I have the best family and friends. I am surrounded by positive people doing positive things, which makes me want to push myself harder and be the best version of myself, sometimes to a fault.

I was really anxious (despite consuming 2 pumpkin flavored beers and a shameful amount of taco calzone) going to sleep last night. I was gearing up for hectic week in my professional life and I knew I needed to get my run in, in the morning if it was going to happen at all.

Therefore, I spent my night looking at the clock and telling myself “if I fall asleep RIGHT now, I will get 5 hours of sleep, 4 hours of sleep” and so on…. When my alarm went off at 5AM I was just hitting my REM cycle, so I rolled over and snoozed for a bit, but kept checking the clock to make sure it was not after 6AM, because I needed to be out for my run by 6:30AM to get to work on time…

I had an okay run. I was groggy and tired. I saw lots of littles waiting for the bus stop, which was nice. I was happy I got a run in, even if my time wasn’t stellar. I kept thinking of that meme whether it is a 12 min mile or a 6 min mile it is still a mile. And I ran over 3 of them in under 30 minutes, so life could be worse.

#truth, my mantra on Mondays!

I was right on schedule to take Sadie on her walk. Sadie was also groggy from swimming yesterday, so I was planning to take her on a quick one. Sadie had other plans and decided to dig her feet into the ground. She had not completed her business so heading home was not an option. She refused to walk in any direction, so I did what any person would do, and picked her up and carried her a good 15 yards to one of her favorite spots. She was less than pleased with my fireman’s carry, and stuck her tail between her legs. I sat on the ground petting her for awhile before attempting to have her walk again. She still refused to walk, so I carried her back towards the apartment where I nodded at a neighbor returning from a run. He looked at me like  was crazy, so I simply said “Mondays” and attempted to shrug with this beast in my arms.

Don't let this cute face fool you, she is a Monday-hating-diva
Don’t let this cute face fool you, she is a Monday-hating-diva

Eventually, I was able to get Sadie to walk again, and she completed her business. I only arrived to work 10 minutes late (stopping for the largest iced coffee may or may not have played a role in my tardiness…)

Basically, my rambling point here, is that Mondays are tough on everyone, even pit bulls. I think Mondays are especially tough when you have a busy week ahead and you did not have the time to do the necessary prep for your hectic week because of an equally hectic (albeit amazingly fun!) weekend.

Make time for you. It is important just as important to: sleep, go grocery shopping, get your laundry done, watch a crappy television program, prep your meals, as it is to get your workout in. I sometimes let some of these other self-care type tasks slide which makes for a harder, longer and less fun week.

Everybody needs a day like this every so often!
Everybody needs a day like this every so often!





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