Meg versus KC

KC and I had our fated rematch last week. The two of us and 6,000 other runners took to the smoggy streets of Manchester, NH to see who was the fastest. Answer is? Not KC or I!


It is crazy how fast people are. It blows my mind! Stretching for the race, getting my Spotify ready, I chit chatted with a few of KC’s co workers and their families who were all participating in this 5k. They all seemed mildly impressed as I regaled them of half marathon training and my recent brush with an obstacle course. I stated “I’ll be happy to finish this in under 30 min”. The dudes I were standing with nodded and smiled then shared their goals of “Under 25” and “Hoping to beat 21”. ¬†Ummmm what?

ya know the dudes I was chatting with were like "get back where you belong!"
ya know the dudes I was chatting with were like “get back where you belong!”

The race started and I kept up with KC (not his ultra athlete coworkers though) for the first 2 miles. Somewhere after mile 2 I looked down to change my song (only one Miley/ race, that is the rule!) and he was out of sight. I think because I could no longer see him, I slowed down. I think I am lacking a certain motivation…


I crossed the finish line at 28.50, KC finished a minute ahead of me. I was really happy for him! Last year he died a little at the end of this race; this year he was conversing, eating ice cream sandwiches and seemed like he was on a real runner’s high. Our last 5k he was under the weather (and I beat him…); this race he beat me and was stoked with his time.

KC’s co workers finished in some impressive times. There were some middle aged men who are running less than 8 minute miles. One of his co workers who finished around 24 minutes said that he was one of the slower people of his crew…. I suggested he get new friends.

This made me wonder, should I become friends with people who run? If all my friends were running 8 minute miles, I think I would want to too. In my group of friends, no one really runs consistently. They all think I am crazy for running, paying to run in races etc. But, for instance, if I were to run with KC once a week and really work to keep up with him, rather than being at mile 2.5 and saying “whatevs, Miike Snow and I will finish this solo”.

running friends

Do you run alone? Do you find that having someone with you makes you push yourself harder?


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