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KC and I had another busy weekend, delaying the grocery shopping to Monday. Which also delayed my meal prep. Which made me bitchy. Prob cause this what I had for lunch on Monday. Where the fuck is the protein?

No food shopping = Target lunches...
No food shopping = Target lunches…

When I am truly making a commitment to my health, meal prep is just as important as getting in a workout. Maybe more important!  When I do not prep out my meals for the week, I am much more likely to eat  unhealthy options.

heavy breathing cat

For example, before I started doing meal prep, KC and I would split a frozen pizza for dinner at least once a  week. Sometimes twice… KC and I both work long shifts,  we would both arrive home, tired and hungry. Needing a quick dinner option, our freezer was always stocked with  frozen pizza.


Half a frozen pizza is 680 calories and contains 1,800 mg of sodium. Despite it being calorically dense, I would  still be hungry as the pizza contains no fiber and minimal protein. So, typically I would wash this down with a glass (ok- let’s be real, 2 glasses) of red and some peanut butter m&m’s. Tacking on another 400-500 calories easily! Pretty much my daily allotment in one meal. All the running in the world cannot out run that unhealthy meal!

You're lying if you're telling me you've never housed a whole pizza...
You’re lying if you’re telling me you’ve never housed a whole pizza…

Before I started doing meal prep, I was  eating lean cuisines and canned soup on the daily for lunch. While calorically both of these options are on point, both are filled with sodium! And either option would leave me feeling hungry.


Now, I spend maybe an hour (sometimes more, sometimes less) one day a week prepping out meals and snacks. I have ditched the frozen pizza habit and have a much healthier lunch!

I am really lazy, and kind of cheap. Chopping veggies that may spoil before I eat them is not an option for me, so I buy a lot of frozen. I also am a fat kid at heart so I am sure you could find healthier, more nutritious meal prep lists and recipes, but this won’t break the bank and will be nutritiously delicious.

Meal Prep Shopping List:

Frozen Kale

Frozen Broccoli

Frozen Snap Peas

Frozen Onions

Frozen Peppers

Frozen Raspberries

Carton of egg whites

Shredded cheese ( I get the market basket Mexican Blend)

1 lb ground turkey

2 lb chicken breast

Bag of Salad


Whole wheat tortilla wraps

Corn taco shells


Plain Greek Yogurt

Taco Season

BBQ Sauce

Chocolate Vegan Shakeology


I do the least prep for this. I typically have shakes in the morning.


When I want a warm breakfast I will make an omelette with egg whites .


6 table spoons of egg whites

1 C of mixed veggies

1/8 C of shredded cheese

Seasonings to taste

The omelette is about 225 calories and soooo satisfying. I prefer fresh omelettes but I suppose you could makes this in advanced and heat it up when you want to…. But it literally takes 10 mins to cook and do the dishes so you should prob make it fresh.



Each week I put 4 chicken breasts in the crock-pot. I cover them in water and cook on high for 4-5 hours depending on the thickness. I take them out and shred them with two forks. Then I add seasoning! This week I split them up and did half taco flavored with low sodium Ortega brand taco seasoning and half BBQ style with a 1 tbs of  Sweet Baby Ray’s ‘sweet and spicy’ barbecue sauce.

Taco flavored chicken and BBQ?!? Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!
Taco flavored chicken and BBQ?!? Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot!

Sometimes I toss them in a lite Italian dressing, or just random seasonings I have. Totally to your taste! I store in the fridge, and take a scoop and wrap it in tin foil to bring to work and put it over a salad! OR I will make a stir fry of my frozen veggies, and put the said meat directly in the same tupperware to have a warm lunch. I swap off between salads and a bed of stir fry veggies so I don’t get bored, much like how I alternate between how I flavor my chicken.

I legit just pour taco meat on top of my veggies and call it a day. Everything tastes better with taco seasoning- esp veggies.
I legit just pour taco meat on top of my veggies and call it a day. Everything tastes better with taco seasoning- esp veggies.


meal prep

Egg muffins are my fave go to snack. They’re good for breakfast too! They’re about 75 calories each and very low carb.

1/2 carton egg whites

1C kale

1/4 C onion, peppers, broccoli

2tbs of Italian dressing or seasonings to taste

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese

Bake at 350 for 25 min. I usually only fill it half way but filled them 3/4 of the way and they overflowed, oops! Still tasted delish!

egg muffins

Clementines are ready to eat snacks so I usually buy those when in season, or apples as they require little work. 2 clementines are 75 calories or so, and one apple is about the same depending on the size and kind.

My other go to snack is plain greek yogurt with 20 frozen raspberries. It tastes like a treat for about 100 calories!


Well, the meal prep for lunch also comes in handy here! I will utilize the same chicken and make quesadillas, tacos or just serve over veggies for dinner so all I have to do is heat it up! Makes it much more tantalizing! The four chicken breasts usually give me 4 lunches for me and 4-5 dinners for KC and myself depending on portions.

mmm jalapenos!
mmm jalapenos!

My other two go-to meals are of course tacos with ground turkey. These can range calorically depending on shell, amount of cheese, guac and sour cream. I usually try to make each taco about 100-150 calories. Hard shells are usually about 50 calories, 1/4 cup of cheese is 100 calories , serving of meat is about 200 calories , veggies are 25 calories  or so… And ya know I am having 3 tacos.

I also do a steak stir fry with the same frozen veggies, a package of steak, and seasonings from my cabinet. Sometimes low sodium soy sauce, too, but I find low sodium seasoned salt, pepper, red pepper and adobo go a long way! 1 lb of steak bits and a good variety of stir fry vegetables give KC and I 3-4 meals.


Usually I will have one of the aforementioned snacks. If I have a lot of calories left due to  missed snacks or a heavy workout I will have something a little more fun like this dessert quesadilla!

dessert quesadilla 1

I am obv going to eat frozen pizza again, cause let’s face it, it is delicious. I am also obv going to drink wine because it is my sanity. But, having frozen pizza on the weekly is prob not a great idea. Drinking half a bottle a wine a night seems like a great idea until I hate waking up the next day. Everything in moderation, but it is a lot easier to choose moderation when you have a plentiful amount of healthy options in front of you!

What are your go to meals? Do you meal prep?





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