Long Runs, Girl’s Night & Early AM Workouts

Don't Judge
Don’t Judge

After a Summer of binge watching Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress, I feel like I am getting back to myself and my routine.

My half marathon is just a couple weeks away so I have really tried to up my training game. Last week, I ran over 20 miles so I am stoked! My best run was Saturday, where I did a 10 mile run in an hour and 38 minutes! SWEET!

My goal for the halfie is 2 hours, in 10 min which isn’t going to happen. My PR is is 2 hrs and 16 min which is about 10 min and 38 seconds per mile. So, I’ll be stoked if it is anything lower than that! half marathon

I celebrated my long run, the best way possible: feasting all day. I went to my second cousin’s baptism in the AM. My cousin Heidi pulled together a lovely spread that included one of the best chicken salads I had ever tasted. My uncle also made stuffed jalapenos which have since showed up in my dreams.

After feasting (and witnessing one of the seven sacred sacraments, of course!) I went home where I stretched while watching Vampire Diaries, because I am an awesome multi-tasker. Slowly, I prepped to go out with some of my girlies from high school.

We went to this amazing restaurant Brgr Bar where we snacked on an appetizer of pumpkin fries and many glasses of pinot noir before I consumed the most delicious burger of my life.

BFFLs from Beverly!
BFFLs from Beverly!

On our way to go get our dance on, we stopped to spy on a wedding. They had a live band and it was hard to miss. A kind gentleman invited us to the wedding. Since I was wearing a white, lace, dress I decided to decline his offer. When he offered to bring me creme brulee curbside, I happily accepted. PSA: Don’t ever take food or beverages from a stranger. Unless it is creme brulee.

After eating that deliciousness, we managed to get to the next bar, where I drank my weight in vodka tonics. We listened to live music before making it inside for some club like tunes that I knew a handful of and would dance my face off during.

My wonderful fiance picked us up and we went back to my apartment where I showed everyone my wedding shoes, despite there being minimal interest.

hangover denialThe next day I drank my weight in water and ate more nachos than I’d care to admit.

Monday: I ran 5 miles before work

Tuesday:  Hour at the gym of strength training

Wednesday: 3 mile tempo run 

How is your week going? Have you been working out?


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2 responses to “Long Runs, Girl’s Night & Early AM Workouts

  1. I am jonesing for an outside run, but by the time I get the baby to sleep it s pitch black out. I mnot so nervous as long as I m running where there are street lights, but my husband is not for it at all. Maybe if he drove along side of me I could get it done.

    1. I feel you and I don’t have a baby! Kudos to you! Luckily days are slowly getting longer 🙂 I wear a ton of reflective gear and a headlamp. My husband doesn’t love my running in the dark so I usually text him when I am done so he knows I am safe and all. Happy training!

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