Knocked up

Why hello! How the hell are you? I know, I know; it’s been awhile. But for good reason. I am growing a fucking human being inside of me.

Yes, you have it right. I am pregnant. A miraculous vessel of life.

It's mostly from the vomiting
It’s mostly from the vomiting

My husband and I are beyond excited. I feel like I need to say that at least once before I proceed to talk about the less than wonderful parts of being pregnant. So, this post is all about when we found out and telling our families.

We wanted a baby, we talked about it a lot. The good, the bad and the ugly and decided we were ready to start trying. We are very lucky because it happened very quickly for us. I know so many people who are not as fortunate as we are in this department. I am sorry if any future posts my complaining comes across as ungrateful, this is not the case. I am sooo unbelievably grateful!

I was so sure that I was pregnant. I must have peed on a half a dozen pregnancy tests way too early because I just knew. Then  Sunday October 16th- such a  magical day. It was 5AM I was awoken by my dog puking. KC and I cleaned that up. I knew today was technically THE DAY that I could test. I also learned that first morning urine is important to getting a positive.


So I took the test and what did my little eye spy? A very faint positive!


I immediately called KC into the bathroom as I wasn’t sure if I was only seeing what I wanted to. I could hardly make out the second little line, but he saw it too! We were ecstatic and stayed up the rest of the morning talking in bed about our future spawn.

When an appropriate-ish time rolled around I texted my work wife who is a mother of 2 to see if she was awake and sent her a picture of the test to see if she thought that was a positive and she concurred it indeed was.

A look into Lauren's first parenting advice to me.



A look into Lauren's first parenting advice to me. Awwwww
A look into Lauren’s first parenting advice to me. Awwwww

KC and I talked about how we would like to wait to tell our families until we were more certain, so as not to get anyone’s hopes up; just in case. Ironically/ predictably my mom texted me soon there after to see if chianti was ok for me to drink at her house later to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Thoughts swirled in my head:

1. Um no I am a pinot noir/ red blend/ cabarnet girl

2. Fuck, if I don’t drink wine everyone is going to know I am knocked up

3. Maybe an alcohol break for 9 months is a good thing?

KC and I decided that we would tell our parents and siblings, so I called my mom and shared the news. She was ecstatic! My dad popped on the phone and was also excited. Their excitement made me want to tell everyone immediately, but we didn’t.


I didn’t plan on telling my brother or his new fiance quite yet because I felt like I was stealing their thunder a bit. The two legit had only been engaged for a week and now I am all like “Oh yeah? You think that’s cool?? I CREATED A HUMAN BEING!” So we socialized at the birthday and I blamed my lack of boozing on a headache.

This is an actual photo of me stealing their thunder.
This is an actual photo of me stealing their thunder.

I was brought up Catholic so lying makes me sick and anxious. I felt very uneasy for not being upfront with two people who I am so close to. On the car ride home from Michael’s birthday I called them to let them know that I was with child. They both claimed to know it due to my abstaining from alcohol. (I really should probably cut back). And they were SO happy for us.

Sad but true
Sad but true

Next, we finally got a hold of KC’s family and shared the exciting news with them. It was so nice to be able to tell people something so genuinely good.

I took so many pregnancy tests over the following week and each day the positive  was a little more pronounced. I had blood work schedule that week from my physical and I asked them to add a pregnancy test on as I wanted someone in a lab coat to tell me that I was pregnant. It took a lot of persuading to have them add it, but they did and yes I was officially knocked up.

I was/ am so happy and excited to have a baby. I had not really thought about the whole being pregnant part of the equation. I was more focused on the cute, tiny human that looks like myself and my husband. So the next couple of blog posts are going to focus on just that. How much and how little my life changed due to pregnancy.

But I don't think I am moody...
But I don’t think I am moody…



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