Hoppy Easter!

It is Easter Sunday, a glorious day, because I CAN NOW EAT ALL THE DESSERTS BECAUSE LENT IS OVER!! not a dessert person

If you do recall, I gave up desserts 40 days ago. I did not talk about it too much, but I think I did AWESOME not breaking lent. Sure, I ate 3 cookies at LP’s house 2 weeks ago, but she made (break and bake style) fresh cookies while I was there. And I may have had donuts on multiple occasions, but that is not dessert; it is a breakfast food. They may have happened post meal but c’mon, man, it really was a wicked impressive 40 days in my book.

My day started with Sadie crying to get out of my childhood bedroom at 4:45 AM so she could try and trip my mom in the kitchen as she prepped a 30 Lb turkey and made 15 Lbs of potatoes.

After a couple hours of Sadie running up and down the stairs, in and out of my room; I reluctantly got out of bed to feed and walk her. After a nice walk to warm me up, I embarked on a run.

Top of the trail, bay in the back
Top of the trail, bay in the back

The weather was gorgeous, sunny but kind of cool. I chose a hilly route I used to do pretty regularly when I was in good shape that has small trail running component. The whole loop was about 4 miles. The views were beautiful and I saw 4 puppies so in that respect it was a success. My pace however was TERRIBLE! I ran an 11 min mile pace, 12 min mile pace, 12.30 min mile pace and then 10 min mile pace. Oh, well at least I ran.

bay beverly

After my run, I was rewarded by 3 pieces of fried dough. A fam tradition on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas (sooooo spoiled).

Around 1PM, the extended family started trickling in. The adults are almost out numbered by children, so typically I am preparing for mutiny but the 3 glasses of champagne had me relaxed enough not to care if there was an impending mutiny.

After so much turkey, mashed potatoes and a new recipe mom made called a pineapple bake, I was ready for a stomach pump. But, I opted for strawberry shortcake instead.

The partay wrapped up around 5PM with everyone full and happy. I ended up skipping my mom’s side of the family to head home with an exhausted puppy to see KC.

KC greeted me with an Easter basket that had coconut water, PB M&Ms, whipped cream and a cute card. He gets me.

Last year, KC and I started a tradition of getting ice cream together after our separate family Easters. We were not living together at the time, and he had to go out of his way to come and see me. We kept the tradition alive this year by getting some. I opted for coffee Oreo and KC got chocolate marshmallow. Somehow I was able to save half of it to have the next night …

All in all it was an awesome Easter full of food… I mean family. Lots of awesome quality family time comes first then the delish food in a distant second.


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