Holy back pain, Batman!

There are so many wonderful things about pregnancy. I seriously mean that, despite my constant complaining. People ask me “How are you feeling?” all the time and they legit  care. People bring me cookies. My husband makes dinner and treats for me. People have truly lowered their expectations of me getting up and doing things- even dressing appropriately. I can eat what I want without guilt or fear of judgement. I am always sober so I remember everything and never have a hangover. Oh, and I can feel my baby move inside of me! I know when she is awake or when she is sleeping. I feel like she is my little sidekick. It is really an indescribable feeling.

But there are  cons. Heartburn. Being sober 24/7. Restrictions on what you can and can’t do/eat/ travel. People offering constant advice on what you should and shouldn’t do (which all differs BTWs and makes you more confused). Lack of sleep. Raging hormones that have you crying at an insurance commercial and yelling at your husband for not knowing the difference between BBQ chicken and plain chicken. You pee a little like 50% of the time when you sneeze. Bras and underwear become the most uncomfortable things in the world. And then there is lower back pain.

Full bladder and feel a sneeze coming? Bitch you better run to the bathroom

I have lead a charmed life. I have always been active and rarely injured besides a few ankle fractures and sprains. Because of my activity level I have never had to deal with back pain #blessed

Over this past week baby girl has shifted and back pain has become a new reality. It is not unbearable sciatica at this point or like the pain some women have through their pregnancy, thank goodness! But it is uncomfortable none the less. And because of my growing stomach some stretches that have worked for me in the past (like child’s pose) are no longer comfortable. Through trial & error, consulting with friends and google here are some tips, stretches and tricks that have worked for me.

Disclaimer: I am obviously not a doctor or anyone qualified to advise you on how to live your life so definitely talk to your doctor first!

Tips/ Tricks

  • Standing desk- My back hurts most when I am sitting or laying down. If you can get a desk where you can adjust between sitting and standing so you are not straining your back as much.
  • Posture- When sitting think about your ribs and holding them up. Don’t slouch over, sit up straight as possible.
  • Walk breaks- My back feels a lot better when I am moving. So try taking a quick walk even just around the office every hour or 2
  • Alternating between heat and ice- Laying on my stomach is an impossibility. After I stretch i put my foam roller under the front of my hips, put a pillow under my chest/ face and balance an ice pack (ok a bag of steak fries) on my lower back for 15 minutes. Sometimes following up with heat feels good but I am more of an ice-er.

Yoga Poses/ Stretches

  • Dolphin Pose– Child’s pose is very uncomfortable for me and often exacerbates my heartburn. I find that this gives my back a nice stretch without my tummy interfering. Feel free to do the modified version to really stretch your back vs. calves.
  • Half lift– This prob gives me the most relief and you can do it almost anywhere. My fave is in the shower with the warm water on my back. Glorious.
  • Cat and Cow Pose– Alternating between cat and cow feels soooo good on my back. Allowing some space between vertebrates while practicing my breath. It is also an approve “ab exercise” for pregnancy according to my yoga instructor.
  • Making circles with your but while in table top… Ok this sounds weird. But getting into table top which is getting on all fours with your wrists below you shoulders and you knees below your hips and making gentle circles with your hips clockwise for 30 seconds then counter clockwise for 30 seconds. It really stretches my lower back out nicely.

What works for me may not work for you! Sometimes rest is best so please make sure to talk to your doctor before trying anything.


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